Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2337: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 4)

The previous host was a first generation Power User, the first power awakened was a fire based power.

After the fall of the hospital, the number of zombies multiplied and people started to frantically snatch supplies.  The supermarket became the second palace to be occupied.

It was a coincidence that the previous host met the Bai Family who were escaping at the nearby supermarket.

Bai Da Shan, Ye Qing Huan, and their daughter Bai Lian Xin.

They stood on the moral high ground and stated that the previous host had to be filial, taking them to a safe place.  As well as help them by getting food, water, and other necessities for them.

The kind (brainless) previous host actually agreed to their moral (unreasonable) request and escorted them to a safe villa.

Although the zombies in the beginning of the apocalypse were a bit weak, the previous host’s powers were also weak.  Adding in the fact that Power Users weren’t used to fighting zombies, the previous host had been injured on the way to the villa.

Once you became a Power User, you couldn’t become a zombie.  So you wouldn’t turn even after being bitten by a zombie.

But that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt……

The previous host endured the pain and brought supplies to the villa, but she was ordered by Bai Da Shan to keep guard for them.

It was the same reason, your same mother, different father, little brother was just born and if you don’t protect us, you are just a nuisance!

In the end, the previous host agreed while gritting her teeth.

The Bai Family slept on a warm bed eating steam and drinking juice, enjoying the best treatment in the end of the world.

As for her mother and her blind little brother, they could only sit in the cold wind and eat the ‘goodwill’ bread that the Bai Family gave them.

But even with this kindness, it wasn’t the same treatment that was returned, but rather a stronger pain.

In the end of the world, anyone with a brain could sort out their thoughts and take leadership in this new world.

Among them, scientists accounted for a large part of this.

After all, they had studied and simulated the end of the world before the world ended.

Compared to normal people, they could accept things like this much quicker.

Doctor Lin Wan Sheng was the first to establish a study group in the end of the world.  Not only did he research zombies, he also researched……Power Users.

Zombies were easy to get, but Power Users were much harder.

Anyone that was willing to catch Power Users would receive the protection of the Academy of Science and would live in a special secure villa set up for them.

The villa had high tech equipment that would keep out the zombies and would provide for all their needs.

After Bai Da Shan learned of this, he didn’t even think about it as he decided to send the previous host in for experimentation in exchange for being able to stay in this secure villa.

That night, the moon was dark as blood.  Bai Da Shan called the previous host to the study of the villa and talked about family affairs before using a stun stick to knock out the previous host from behind.

When the previous host woke up, she was already in a lab in the Academy of Science.

Her naked body was placed on an ice cold bed and her limbs were all bound by chains.

Her mind was blank at that moment and she couldn’t understand what had happened.

She didn’t even think that it was the Bai Family who harmed her and thought that zombies had invaded the villa.

But after a few seconds, seeing the doctor in the white coat, she knew that it wasn’t the zombies, but rather Bai Da Shan who was a beast in human skin.

In order to make the experiment complete, Lin Wan Sheng had the zombies bite the previous host’s mother and little brother, turning them into zombies!

Power Users and zombies were similar, so it was more accurate to study them both!

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