Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2339: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 6)

“Si!”  Everyone took a cold breath.  Bai Lian Xin liking Hua Cai Jin was something that the entire class and the entire school knew.

“The commoner likes the school hunk!  It can’t be that it’ll be a fairy tale of a prince and Cinderella, right!”

“Stop!  Young master Jin is so handsome!  He is a beautiful man!”

“Right, right!  Aiya, I don’t want him to belong to anyone!”

“Shh!  Be quiet!  We don’t have any hopes of being with someone that young miss Bai likes!”


The surrounding gossip entered her ears.  Everyone was talking to one another, as if defining Hua Cai Jin as their male god and the object of their admiration.

The voice over in Luo Qing Chen’s heart: Although the male lead in this world can’t compare to him, isn’t her family’s little brother Jiu Sheng a thousand times more handsome?

Oh, no!  It’s ten thousand times!

The Bai Family had quite the status in A City, so even if people had ideas about Hua Cai Jin, they didn’t dare openly admit it.

Everyone could only bury their admiration deep in their hearts!

“Luo Qing Chen, do you not want to live anymore?”  Bai Lian Xin was clearly annoyed by her words and raised her right hand to slap her!

Although there weren’t many commoners in A City’s Royal Academy, that didn’t mean that there was only Luo Qing Chen alone.

Although she looked down on these poor people without any status, that didn’t mean that she had the free time to target all of them.

The reason she targeted Luo Qing Chen was because her shameless mother had given birth to a child that shouldn’t have appeared in the Bai Family.

Although Bai Da Shan had kicked the mother out of the Bai Family after the child was born, her mother had adopted the boy……

That child would forever remain in the Bai Family!

Based on what?  That should have been a child born in the slum, how could he share the love of her father and all the wealth and status of the Bai Family!

She wasn’t willing, but she couldn’t do anything to that child!

The anger bottled in her heart and she couldn’t vent it, so she could only vent it on Luo Qing Chen from time to time.

It wasn’t just once or twice that she caused trouble for her.  This commoner was weak and she never resisted which really was very satisfying for her!

But without knowing why, she had suddenly……changed!

The weak Luo Qing Chen in her eyes had actually caught her hand without a word and pushed her.

She almost lost her balance and fell to the ground!

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes and her clear as water eyes were ice cold as she looked at her, “You can’t say if I can live or not.”

The tragic death of the past life was still in her mind.  The hatred of the previous host was like a ball of flames that gathered in the deepest part of her heart, never dissipating.

The Bai Family, she was eager to burn them all to ashes.

“Good, good, good!  Very good!”  Bai Lian Xin gritted her teeth and looked at her with venomous eyes, “You pushed me, don’t even think about staying in this school!  I want to let you see if I can decide or not!”

After this, she roared out at the two students behind her, “Go to the office and tell the teacher that there’s a commoner that dares to hit people in our class, who is disturbing the school atmosphere——”

Then Bai Lian Xin said the following sentence word for word, making it incomparably clear!

Please!  Expel!  Her!

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with a faint cold smile on her lips, “Go ahead!  But you will only be making an empty trip.”

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