Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2340: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 7)

Bai Lian Xin naturally didn’t understand what Luo Qing Chen meant, but seeing that she wasn’t afraid at all, her eyes became even more angry.

“He, he.”  She gave a shrug and said with a cold laugh, “Don’t you believe that you will be expelled?  Luo Qing Chen, you shouldn’t be too confident.  Money is king in this world.  I’ll leave these words here, I will definitely……”

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Luo Qing Chen touched her ear and interrupted her angry words, “Aren’t you annoying?  If you want to expel me, that depends on if I give you a chance.”

She just casually packed up the things on her desk and zipped up her backpack before putting it on her back, “The future is uncertain.”

Bai Lian Xin was completely stunned and even the two followers who had been heading to the office stopped moving.

What was going on with Luo Qing Chen?  Did she go crazy?

It was hard enough to get into the Royal Academy with the disdain of the rich people, could it be that she was giving it up that easily?

“You…..”  Bai Lian Xin didn’t know how to threaten her.  Her face was red as her eyes popped out, not being able to say a thing.

Hua Cai Jin was leaning on the wall with his hands in his pocket.  He calmly looked at Luo Qing Chen before saying with a faint smile, “Lian Xin, we’re all classmates, how about we forget about this!  It’s just a small matter.”

Bai Lian Xin’s body that was trembling from rage suddenly shuddered.  She never expected Hua Cai Jin to speak up and it was for Luo Qing Chen!

“Young master Jin……”  She bit her lip, but at least she regained her face.  That situation just now really made it hard for her to back down.

Hua Cai Jin’s remarks made her who was speechless finally have something to say.

“You commoner who doesn’t know good from bad, this young miss will let you go on account of young master Jin!”  Bai Lian Xin curled her lips as she looked at Luo Qing Chen with eyes filled with disdain, “But the next time you do this, I definitely won’t forgive you.”

As soon as her voice fell, she didn’t forget to hold her head high to get back all the momentum that she had just lost.

“Ha, ha, ha!”  Luo Qing Chen gave three stiff laughs before looking at Bai Lian Xin, “Ai, this classmate, do you really take yourself as a judge from a novel!  These words are like that of an idiot, do I need you to spare me?  What are you sparing me for?”

To be fair!  Facing someone head on was what she did best!

Seeing Bai Lian Xin’s face turning blue and white, she felt very happy.

“Luo Qing Chen!”  She almost shrieked before pointing at her nose, “You just wait!  I definitely……definitely won’t let you off!”

Bai Lian Xin never thought that she would be bullied by Luo Qing Chen one day and have her face stepped on like this!  What kind of shame was this!

In her eyes, she was the aloof princess, the queen with true power!  This lowly commoner like Luo Qing Chen could only be bullied by her!

But today, this shameless commoner had humiliated her in front of all her classmates, including her male god Hua Cai Jin!

She definitely wouldn’t let her off!

“Oh.”  She gave an uncaring shrug, “I like seeing you hate me, but can’t get rid of me.  Moreover, you’ll never be able to get rid of me!”

“Luo Qing Chen, I’m telling you——”  Bai Lian Xin slapped the table and said, “Your name definitely won’t appear on the class list next year!”

She definitely wouldn’t let Luo Qing Chen stay in the Royal Academy.

She had already reached the door, but she had stopped because of Bai Lian Xin’s words.

“None of our names will appear.”  She said with a cold laugh.

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