Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2341: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 8)

She could clearly feel that when she said those words, there was a pair of eyes that were focused on her.

Although she didn’t turn around, she could guess that the person looking at her should be the male protagonist with the common appearance!

His name sounded very good, Qian Si Nai.

Right, other than that focused gaze, there was also Bai Lian Xin’s piercing shrieks.

Of course, Luo Qing Chen completely ignored them.

Four days, there were still four days before the values and morals of this world would greatly change.

There were many things that she had to do and prepare during this short period of time.

How was there time for class?  She didn’t even have time to eat, alright!?

It took an hour to get home from school.  Luo Qing Chen thought about it and decided not to go home during these three days.

She had to collect more supplies during this limited period of time.

Once the end came, the world would no longer have order.

Stealing would become a natural thing.

The innate evils of human nature will all be revealed……

But there was still a very big problem before this.


She didn’t have money!

But it was fine that she didn’t have money since she had a system!

[The host only has eight thousand exchange points left.  After starting the A rank missions, the host no longer receives exchange points.]

I know!  It’s clearly written on the bronze mirror each time!  I can see those large words!

Actually, Luo Qing Chen could understand that the exchange points was just help that was given in the early stages.

Since the A rank missions started, she no longer received exchange points.

This meant that she had to treasure these eight thousand remaining exchange points.

[Does the host want to exchange for money?]


[Based on the latest exchange rates of this world, one thousand exchange points can be exchanged for one million yuan.]

It really is cheap!

[The system has already told the host, the value of money is very cheap in this world!]

Then why don’t you just offer a hundred million for a thousand exchange points?

[That would distort the world and cause it to collapse.]

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows and decided to ignore this unpleasant system.

She had a total of eight thousand exchange points.  If these were the only exchange points that she had, they couldn’t be wasted.

But one million really was far from being enough/

[How much money does the host want to exchange for?]  The system’s voice rang in her ears again, giving her the urge to beat it.

I want a million!

Although it was far from enough, she wasn’t that afraid with her abilities.

This money would be used to buy things.  What she needed to do was protect her weak mother and her blind little brother.

What the previous host couldn’t do and the people that she couldn’t protect in another world, she would do it all here.

[Ding, 1000 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for one million yuan.]

After the system notification, the system added in another sentence.

[There is a bank card in the host’s right pocket, the password is 542222.]

You’re a two, all your parts are twos!

Luo Qing Chen bound the card to her phone and after booking a hotel, she went to the biggest mall in A City.

Actually, she had difficulty in transporting the goods since it wasn’t like transporting diamonds.

She wanted to buy a lot of water, food, as well as weapons and other things.

There were too many things.  Even if she bought a lot, she couldn’t move it all back.

Wait, she seemed to have forgotten something!

Wasn’t the previous host a dual awakener?  Other than her fire power, there was something else!

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