Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2348: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 15)

She didn’t have time to think it over.  After quickly finishing up her lunch, she planned to hit a few large pharmacies in the west of the city.

These pharmacies were close to the factories, so the kinds of medicine she wanted should be there.

At the entrance of the Healthy Pharmacy.

Since it was in a remote place, there were very few people here.

Luo Qing Chen opened the door and felt the warmth coming from the air conditioning.

It really was a beautiful world, but it was a pity……that this beauty wouldn’t exist much longer……

“Hello, miss, can I help you with something?”  The female attendant came forward with a smile.

Luo Qing Chen said with a nod, “Hello, can you help me get several kinds of medicine that I need?”

“Alright!  Please.”

“Diazepam, aspirin, Ventolin, Zantac, berberine, Flagyl, Yunnan Baiyao, hydrogen peroxide……”

“About that, miss.”

Before Luo Qing Chen could finish, the attendant cut her off.

She pointed at a place not far away where there was a man in a black trenchcoat, “The medicine that you’re asking for was just purchased by that gentleman.”

“They were all bought?”  Luo Qing Chen looked at the man standing not far away with a surprised look.

He was wearing a black trenchcoat with his hands in his pocket.  He was also wearing a mask and a hat so she couldn’t clearly see his face.

But she felt that he was strangely familiar.

“Yes!  We will be stocking up on those medicine next Monday, so if this miss can tell us how much you need and leave a phone number, I will call you when the shipment comes.”

“Next Monday?”  Luo Qing Chen gave two cold laughs, “It might…...not be fated to come.”

When she said this, she didn’t look at the attendant, but rather the heavily wrapped up man.

His back trembled, but he never looked over.

“Miss, your words are very serious.  If you’re in a rush, how about you try the other pharmacies in front?”  The attendant said with a smile, “Those medicines are all common and they wouldn’t be out of stock in a normal situation.”

“That normal situation……”  Luo Qing Chen muttered in a low voice before looking at the attendant with a smile, “It’s fine, thanks!  I’ll go and ask at the pharmacies.”

As soon as her voice fell, she put her hands in her coat and walked out the other door.

Actually, could have gone out the direction she came in, but she wanted a chance to pass by this man in the trenchcoat!

It wasn’t considered passing by him, it was at best passing behind him.

But that was enough.

Because she already knew who he was.

Although he was tightly wrapped up, the certain black mark behind his ears wouldn’t lie.

Qian Si Nai, her great male lead!

It seemed like she had to re-evaluate this person.  The man with the mushroom hair and glasses wasn’t his real form.

The more important thing was that three days before the end of the world, he came to such a remote pharmacy to buy all this essential medicine.  Did that mean that……he knew that something was about to happen?

Could it be……he knew about the end of the world?

She headed to the next pharmacy as many thoughts passed through her mind.

Assuming that Qian Si Nai knew about the end of the world, it was likely that he knew earlier than she did, so he must be more prepared than her.

She only had less than three hundred thousand left and there were still many things she needed.

She at least needed a car and it was best if it was an off road vehicle.

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