Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2350: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 17)

If it was said that Luo Qing Chen wasn’t certain if Qian Si Nai knew that the end of the world was coming, she was now certain after he said this.

But his tone really was unpleasant!

“So classmate Qian Si Nai called my name because you found it fun?”  Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her brows in anger, “Since there’s no deal to be made, let’s not waste each other’s time!”

As soon as her voice fell, Luo Qing Chen angrily turned around to leave, but she never expected the system’s notification to ring out in her ears.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 10%.]


It turned out that her male lead liked to be treated like this!

After the notification finished, Qian Si Nai’s cold, but slightly anxious voice came from behind her.

“Alright!  I promise you, let’s make a deal.”  His voice sounded very good, like a cello ringing out in a cold spring.

Very special……

Luo Qing Chen stopped moving and her lips revealed a smile that was hard to conceal.

Without knowing why, she felt that she had hooked a large fish that had chosen to get hooked.

She didn’t know a thing about Qian Si Nai, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t use her own method to leave a special impression on the other side.

[The host clearly knows that this is wrong!]

You shut up!

After Luo Qing Chen responded to the system, she took a deep breath and relaxed the muscles in her face to reveal a polite smile.  She turned around and said, “So what does classmate Qian want to take from me?”

Since it was a deal, it was better to make the terms clear.

After all, she and Qian Si Nai couldn’t talk about ‘feelings’ right now!

Not to mention love, they still hadn’t even blooming friendship yet.

So it was unrealistic to get benefits from the other side for free.

“I haven’t thought of anything right now.”  Qian Si Nai looked at her with a faint sparkle in his deep eyes, “But before I can think of it, at least in the near future, I hope that we won’t become enemies.”


Luo Qing Chen didn’t give any other conditions and agreed to Qian Si Nai’s condition.

Because she knew that no matter what happened in the end of the world, it was impossible for her to become enemies with Qian Si Nai.

“Other than the car, I think you still need some other things.”  Qian Si Nai narrowed his eyes and revealed a faint smile.

He had to admit that he admired this girl who was two meters away very much.

They were classmates, but before yesterday, he had never noticed this person.

Of course, this person had never paid attention to him because at the Royal Academy, he had always hidden himself.

The more identifiable a person was, the more they had to learn to hide themselves.

A black Maserati slowly came out of a private underground garage.

Luo Qing Chen decided to go with Qian Si Nai to see the things that he said she needed.

When she saw the Maserati worth tens of millions parked in front of her, the image of the young man with mushroom hair, black rimmed glasses, and acne appeared in her mind.

That face blurred more and gradually disappeared from her memories.

She was frozen in place and didn’t open the car door for a while.

It was at that moment that the car window slowly opened.  The fragmented sunlight came through the window and landed on Qian Si Nai’s face.

That sculpted face with fine features, the white skin, the beautiful eyes, and those……thin lips.

It was a perfect face that was reflected in her eyes, that Qian Si Nai really was beautiful.

With the soft breeze and the sun, it was just right.

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