Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2357: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 24)

That night, the rain fell for the entire night and there was the scent of chemicals that filled the air.

The passing of the year had turned from a banquet to a hell on earth.

The next morning, the sun didn’t rise.

When Luo Qing Chen went to the hotel again, the screen opposite of her turned from a countdown to a news broadcast.

“Breaking news: The global temperature has quickly risen and the red rain continues to fall.  The relevant departments are already responding to this.”

“Major hospitals have given an urgent warning for all people with high fevers to come to the hospital.  It’s suspected that there’s chemical pollution in the red rain……”

“There are many rumours today.  Some people are saying that the ozone layer was destroyed, some people are saying that greenhouse gases have reached a critical power, there are even some people saying that the end of the world is here……Those rumours must stop.  If anyone continues to spread these rumours, they will definitely be punished by the law!”

“In the past few hours, there have been many people who have gone to the supermarket to buy food!  The state calls on the people to remain safe and not panic……”


The news came from various channels.  Some people recognized that danger was coming and some people were enjoying the final luxuries left in the world.

After a few more hours, the people with high fevers in the hospital would become zombies.  After all, everyone had seen zombie movies and it was easy for people to think of the end of the world in this situation.

The people who went to the supermarket to stock up were considered smart.

In the end of the world, being smart gives you more chances to survive.

When she went back to the hotel room, Luo Qing Chen had a bag of food that she was going to give to her mother and her little brother.

But when she opened the door, she only saw her mother and her little brother was gone.

“Where’s Qing Mian?”  Luo Qing Chen had a bit of panic in her eyes.

Although it had already stopped raining, the red rain was filled with viruses and it was unknown if Luo Qing Mian was a Power User or not.

If he wasn’t, once he was infected and had a fever, it was very possible that he would become a zombie like in his previous life.

“Xiao Qing, you’re finally back!  Mom was worried to death!”  Lin Xiu Juan nervously grabbed her hand, “Qing Mian seemed to have received a call from his classmate asking him to go to the hospital to help.”

“He went to the hospital?”  Luo Qing Chen almost screamed out as her hands couldn’t help start trembling.

Damn!  What was her little brother doing!

“Yes!  It seems like the school flower of his school was drenched in the rain and called their friends……”

Before Lin Xiu Juan could finish, Luo Qing Chen picked up an umbrella while cutting her off, “Mom, listen to me and live by yourself here for now.  No matter who calls, you can’t go out!  The end of the world is coming.  I didn’t tell you before because you wouldn’t have believed me.”

She knitted her brows and her left hand pulled at the window, revealing the dark red and eerie sky.

Lin Xiu Juan was surprised.  Luo Qing Chen didn’t give her time to react as she said, “Now, I think that you should believe me!”

“The end……the end of the world……”

“Stay here and wait for me to bring little brother back.”  Luo Qing Chen pointed at the large bag on the table, “If you get hungry, you can eat that first.  Don’t walk around by yourself.”

Lin Xiu Juan looked into Luo Qing Chen’s eyes and felt that she had changed.

She was no longer as weak as before.  Her eyes were scrunched and there was a trace of a chill in them.

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