Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2359: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 26)

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a nod before coming to Luo Qing Mian’s side, “I’m here to pick you up, mom is very worried.”

She didn’t look at Xia Ruan sitting on the bed and just gave the four boy a slight nod out of courtesy.

This beauty suddenly appearing made the eyes of the four boys light up.  Actually, they had never met before, the previous host had just seen a picture of all five of them together before.

That was why the four of them were in her memories.

“You……You are Qing Mian’s big sister?”  One of the boys said.

“Great beauty!”  Another boy nudged Luo Qing Mian’s waist with his elbow, “Qing Mian, you had such a beautiful big sister, why did you never let us meet her?”

“This beauty is your big sister!  She seems more like a little sister!”


Boys would always tease beautiful girls.  That didn’t mean that they had bad intentions, they just thought that you were beautiful and wanted to praise you.

But in front of the ‘school flower’, praising another girl like this naturally made Xia Ruan who always thought she was the most important feel unhappy.

Then there was that four of the Royal Conservatory’s ‘Five Swordsman’ had already fallen for her, there was only Luo Qing Mian who didn’t.

Although he was blind and couldn’t see her beauty, she wasn’t blind and could see his handsomeness.

There were many people at school who gave Luo Qing Mian love letters and he had always calmly refused.

This man made girls even more eager to conquer him.  After all, what you couldn’t get always stirred you.

The more you couldn’t get something, the more you wanted it.

“Ke, ke.”  She cleared her throat and said, “This big sister is Qing Mian’s real big sister?”

Her voice was very soft and when she spoke, she stroked her wavy hair.

Actually, she didn’t have a high fever, just a low fever.  There was no need for so many people to visit her, but she had secretly spread the news of her being sick.

Luo Qing Chen looked over to see the slight provocation in her eyes.  She knitted her brows to say, “Un.”

“Big sister, let’s go back!”  Luo Qing Mian took Luo Qing Chen’s wrist, “Don’t be angry……”

He could feel Luo Qing Chen’s anger from the phone earlier.  In fact, he had rarely seen his big sister being angry.

She had always been weak and anger had almost never appeared in her life.

But it was like she had completely changed today……There was a slight domineering that people couldn’t help looking up at her……

“Big sister, I really troubled Qing Mian.  I’m fine, he only came all this way because he was worried about me.”  Xia Ruan’s voice was sweet as she had a smile on her face, but her eyes were sharp as she looked at Luo Qing Chen, “It’s all my fault.  Don’t be angry, big sister.”

As soon as her voice fell, she didn’t forget to give two coughs to show how weak she was.

The boys heard this and they all turned their gaze from Luo Qing Chen to her.

“No trouble!  No trouble!  Ruan Ruan, you are our princess!”

“That’s right, it’s most important that you take care of your illness!”

“Isn’t it?  When I called Qing Mian, he was worried about you the entire time……”


Luo Qing Mian slightly knitted his brows, “I would be worried as long as they’re a friend.”

He didn’t know why he said this, but he wanted to distance himself from other girls in front of his big sister.

Even if there was no relationship at all!

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