Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2362: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 29)

Gu Ying clearly didn’t understand what Luo Qing Chen was saying.  He said with a cold disdainful snort, “Your Luo Family really is strange.  One is blind and the other has a problem with her brain.  You’re saying that something will happen, it can’t be that you’re suffering from delusions, right!  Also, even if something happened, I will protect Xia Ruan unlike that blind man!”

“You shut up!”  Luo Qing Mian came forward and gave Gu Ying a strong push.

Gu Ying clearly never expected Luo Qing Mian to be this strong.  He stumbled back and couldn’t catch his footing, falling to the ground.

“Luo Qing Mian, you……”

“You can insult me, but you can’t insult my big sister.”  Every word had an intense chill to it as a chill filled those beautiful eyes.

Gu Ying was shocked by this chill.  He had wanted to say something to curse him, but it got stuck in his throat.

When Xia Ruan saw Luo Qing Mian like this, there was even more admiration that appeared in her eyes.

Although he was blind, Luo Qing Mian really was too handsome.  Adding in the aura that came from him, she couldn’t help taking a few more looks.

It was a pity that the handsome words Luo Qing Mian said weren’t for her.

Damn!  Why does she feel jealous of his big sister!  She was so unhappy!

A few seconds later, Gu Ying came back to his senses.  He pointed at Luo Qing Mian’s nose after standing up, “You are good!  Luo Qing Mian, you are good!  You just wait!  I don’t believe that you’ll appear in the Royal Conservatory again after this!”

Gu Ying believed that his family was very good.  It was very easy for him to make it so that a person didn’t appear in the Royal Conservatory anymore.

If it wasn’t for Luo Qing Mian having so many girls give him love letters and he was talented at drawing, how could a blind man like him be one of the ‘Five Swordsmen’.

It was even better now.  This blind man wanted to steal the girl he loved and he dared to speak to him in this disrespectful tone.

He definitely couldn’t take it!

“Ah!”  As soon as Gu Ying’s voice fell, there were screams that came from not far away.

The screams became louder and louder in waves as the hospital became the scene of a horror movie.

Everyone looked at each other and they could see the panic in their eyes.

Only Luo Qing Chen confidently looked up with a cold smile, “I think that whether he can appear in the Royal Conservatory after this is not something that we should discuss after we find out if we can leave this hospital.”

As soon as her voice fell, there was an ‘angel in white’ that appeared at the door.  Her nurse uniform was dyed in blood, her hair was a mess and her nails had turned gray.

The most terrifying thing was that her feet were off the ground as her limbs were wrapped around a man, with a bright pair of lips biting down on that man’s neck.

There was only a ‘kacha kacha’ sound as the man wanted to groan, but he fell down without being able to say anything.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”  After a few seconds of silence, screams rang out.

The one who screamed the loudest was Gu Ying who threatened to expel Luo Qing Mian.

“This……This……This……This is a……zombie?”

“It can’t be!  My god!”

Luo Qing Chen wasn’t surprised that they could tell that the nurse had become a zombie.  After all, this was the year 2151, there were already thousands of movies about zombies.

Although this zombie was slightly different from the ones in the movie, the general appearance was the same.

The blood red eyes, the mechanical limbs, the dark lips, and the sharp teeth……

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug before saying with a chuckle, “The classmate who said that they would definitely protect Xia Ruan, you’re up!”

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