Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2365: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 32)

The expressions of the brothers who had been talking about leaving together suddenly changed and they all moved away from each other.

Gu Ying looked out of the corner of his eyes, all the roads to the hospital had been blocked.

There were screams of terror all over the streets and blood stained everything.

The number of zombies were multiplying in a small place like this and they were moving several times faster than normal people.

Once a target was found, they would jump at them, biting with their sharp teeth and sucking their blood.

He had to get that spot to leave the hospital with them and reach a safe zone.

Thinking this, he suddenly opened the window on the side after a moment of silence and then pushed out with his right hand, pushing the two beside him out the window.

“Ah!”  Xia Ruan screamed out as she looked at Gu Ying with a pale face.

She never would have thought that Gu Ying would do something that destroyed all human morality like this.

But in Gu Ying’s eyes, her act of throwing the stool at Luo Qing Chen had already lost all human morals.

What goddess, what school flower?  After the world ended, she wasn’t even a beast.

The two boys who had been pushed by him looked at him with despair and hatred, but they couldn’t do a thing as they fell into the waiting arms of the zombies.

In the room filled with the rotten smell, there were only five people left.

Other than Luo Qing Chen and her little brother, there was Xia Ruan, Gu Ying, and the male god Chen Bing who had tried to smooth things out.

He had been the furthest away from Gu Ying, so he had been able to avoid Gu Ying when he pushed those two out the window.

In the ‘Five Swordsmen’, he was someone with a neutral personality.

He liked making peace, so he wasn’t a good person and he wasn’t a bad person.

But to be honest, this kind of person died the quickest in the end of the world……

Luo Qing Chen wasn’t in a rush as she put her hands in her pocket.  She leaned against the hospital wall and said, “Not bad, you already took care of two of them.  Then which one out of the three of you will come with me?”

Although she was surprised that Gu Ying would push two of his classmates out the third story window, she didn’t feel that it was that cruel.

Nothing could be considered cruel in the end of the world.  Whether you survived or not depended on your abilities.

In another world, the previous host had been too weak and always took care of others, so she suffered a tragic ending.

She was no longer the Luo Qing Chen that cared about others and didn’t care if she died.

Of course, the most important thing was that among the ‘Five Swordsmen’, none of them were good people to begin with other than her kind little brother.

Xia Ruan gritted her teeth as cold sweat dripped down her forehead.  Her face was pale and she stared at Luo Qing Chen with eyes of panic, “You have to keep your word as a person.  Although I offended you just now, since you said that you would take one of us, you have to do it!”

She didn’t know if Luo Qing Chen would hold grudges.  She could still remember the scene of her throwing the stool at her, so could it be that she wouldn’t take her with them?

“I will naturally do what I say.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at the door to see several zombies wandering around.

Since the room was dark, they couldn’t see the people in the ward.  Then adding in the fact that the hearing of these first grade zombies wasn’t good, they hadn’t heard the screams just now.

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