Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2368: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 35)

In the end of the world, saving people depended on feelings and it wasn’t a duty.

Because you saved someone didn’t mean that they would be grateful, they might even harm you for their own benefits.

The previous host’s memories warned her not to do silly things like saving people!

“Un……”  Chen Bing could only respond with this and said nothing else.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes before taking out the army knife from her secondary personal storage space.

The room wasn’t big, so you had to be fast if you wanted to deal with over a dozen zombies.

Actually, if it was outside, she could use her Phoenix Dance Sword to take care of them, but it was a bit tricky in this room.

But even if it was tricky, that didn’t mean that she couldn’t do it.

“Big sister……”  Luo Qing Mian held her hand with a bit of anxiety as his heart jumped to his throat.

Although he couldn’t see, his hearing was very good.  He could hear that there were many people around them……or rather many zombies.

He also knew that the zombie earlier had been killed by his big sister, but he really couldn’t be assured in letting her fight alone against all these zombies.

After all, he was afraid that she would get hurt or……die!

But what if he was worried or afraid?  He couldn’t do anything, at most he could just die with her.

“Relax.”  Luo Qing Chen touched his head in a very comforting and gentle manner, “I’m no longer the weak Luo Qing Chen.”

Because she could tell Luo Qing Mian was worried, she felt that in this end of the world, even if he was blind and a normal person that would never awaken a power, she would protect him!

As soon as her voice fell, she narrowed her cold eyes and charged out towards the zombies.

The over a dozen zombies couldn’t react fast enough to this quick attack and a few zombies in the surrounding area were taken care of by her.

Taking out the purple energy core from their heads, the army knife in Luo Qing Chen’s right hand slashed out at another zombie, taking another purple energy core from his head.

Facing over a dozen zombies, she moved very quickly and smoothly.  Her eyes were clear, as if she could see the entire world.

Five minutes later, the room fell into silence.

Luo Qing Chen took the last energy core from Gu Ying’s head.  It was just as small as the one from Xia Ruan, but there was even less energy contained in it.

Because they hadn’t spent long as zombies, the energy core in their heads hadn’t formed for long and hadn’t gathered much energy.

She put the energy cores into her storage space in preparation for the awakening of her ability.

If she wasn’t wrong, she should awaken her ability when she went to the supermarket.

Gracefully turning around, she put her hands in her pocket.  She had a bit of blood on her, but it didn’t affect her cold aura.

Chen Bing was still at a loss about everything that happened since the last time he saw a Power User was in a movie.

But now that he was seeing it, it really was unbelievable.

But he……was still doubtful!  A question that he wanted to ask earlier.

“Qing Mian’s big sister……that……”  He scratched his head with his right hand as he looked at her with a difficult look, “I have a question I want to ask you……”

“I know what you want to ask.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and said, “In the end of the world, no one will protect you for nothing.”

“You……How did you know what I wanted to ask?”

She curled her lips into a cold smile, “I can easily take care of the zombies, but that doesn’t mean that I will save them.  Not to mention that I didn’t like them to begin with.”

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