Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2369: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 36)

Since the zombies on the third floor had basically been taken care of, Luo Qing Chen’s group of three didn’t encounter that many zombies when they went out.

She easily took care of them and headed towards the hotel.

Chen Bing followed them, clearly looking a bit timid and a bit confused.

There were groups of zombies on the way back to the hotel.  Although there weren’t many of them, Luo Qing Chen could feel that these zombies were stronger than the ones at the hospital.

It seemed like some of them had turned to second grade zombies already.

It was a good thing that they weren’t too strong and there weren’t that many of them.

Standing at the entrance of the hotel, Luo Qing Chen showed their room card before being let into the iron gate.

The security guards checked them after they were let in before they were allowed into the hotel.

This was just like she had remembered, it seemed like this hotel would be safe for now.

“Ding, ding, ding.”  Her phone rang and Luo Qing Chen looked at the caller ID.

Qian Si Nai.

She knitted his brows, she actually forgot about him?

Luo Qing Mian heard her phone and nervously knitted his brows, “Big sister……it’s too dangerous outside, don’t go out.”

He had a hunch that the person who called his big sister was a very important person to her.

This feeling was strong, just like the scene of the end of the world that he used to see every day.

“This place is only safe temporarily, that doesn’t mean that it’ll always be safe.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes to say, “I didn’t see any Power Users along the way, it seems like they hadn’t awakened yet.”

This was a bit troublesome!  If the zombies reached a certain amount, the Power Users would be easily outnumbered and killed.

Before this, she had to meet with Qian Si Nai to discuss where to go next.


“No buts.”  Luo Qing Chen patted his head with her right hand, “Take care of mom, I will come back to pick you up.”

Right now, they still didn’t know which city was the safest place in the country.  It was more dangerous to bring her little brother and mother around.  At least the hotel would be safe and A City wouldn’t fall that quickly.

Luo Qing Mian wanted to say something, but he felt his big sister’s determination.

He gave a sigh as he clenched his hands and then relaxed them……

Truly useless……He always let his big sister protect him and he had always been her burden.

It was better to stay here!  He couldn’t let her worry or get distracted.

Luo Qing Chen saw that Luo Qing Mian wasn’t saying anything, so she turned to leave, but Chen Bing called out to her.

“Qing Mian’s big sister……”  After a nervous pause, he said, “Which way are you going?”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised, never expecting Chen Bing to ask this question.

This place was a relatively safe place, so he should have kept his mouth shut and stayed here.

After all, he had seen her ability to kill zombies, so he wouldn’t die if he followed her for now.

“Century Square.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him with cold eyes, “Where are you going?”

Chen Bing pursed his lips and said, “My family is in that direction, can big sister take me there?”

Actually, Chen Bing was a very boorish person.

He didn’t have a kind heart nor did he want to save people.

But he wanted to find his family at least which was the reason he was following Luo Qing Chen.

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