Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2374: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 41)

It seemed like she was arriving at a different time than the previous host.

Because of Luo Qing Mian, she had wasted quite a bit of time.

The chaos should have already passed, but……Century Square was filled with zombies, so could Bai Lian Xin’s group escape?

He, he, she didn’t believe it!

Qian Si Nai brought the flashlight to its brightest setting and used it to look around.

Luo Qing Chen casually took out a standing spotlight from her personal storage space and put it on the table.

The surrounding area lit up.

She narrowed her eyes and saw a few people curled up by a shelf not far away.

It wasn’t just a few, but rather more than a dozen.

Other than the Bai Family, there were others who had been lucky enough not to be bitten by zombies.

Bai Lian Xin immediately saw her and revealed a look of disgust.  She pointed at her and said, “Hey, Luo Qing Chen, what is the meaning of this?  Do you want to attract the zombies?”

Qian Si Nai knitted his brows and looked in that direction.

He finally understood what Luo Qing Chen meant by he would recognize someone!

It turned out that it was their classmate Bai Lian Xin.

The people around panicked because of this suddenly light as they all started speaking.

“Right!  What are you doing?  Are you not afraid of the zombies coming over?”

“Damn!  It can’t be that you were bitten by a zombie so you want us to die with you, right!”

“Right, right, right!  Look at how bad her face looks, she must have been bitten by a zombie!  Why don’t we take advantage of the fact that she hasn’t turned yet to first——”

As soon as her voice fell, the forty year old woman made a slashing gesture at her neck.

It had to be said, she looked like a housewife based on her clothes.

But in the end of the world, killing someone had become a normal thing for her.

It turned out that laws weren’t binding and people’s hearts…….

“He, he.”  She put her hands in her pockets and narrowed her eyes to look over these people.  She said with a cold laugh, “Don’t you know that sound will attract zombies the most?”

Everyone heard this and immediately closed their mouths.

They had been talking a bit too loud and there were more than just a few zombies wandering the supermarket.

They could hear the sounds, but the sounds also stopped.  It was a good thing that the zombies hadn’t found a target yet.

One of them had already entered through the revolving door.

The forty year old woman saw the zombie moving towards Luo Qing Chen and her eyes popped out, but she covered her mouth without saying a thing.

She didn’t want to tell Luo Qing Chen that there was a zombie approaching because she didn’t want it affecting her.

Although there were zombies outside of the supermarket, because of the revolving door and the fact that zombies couldn’t open the door, they had been in a relatively safe position.

Then there was the fact that although the supermarket was a mess, there was still plenty for them to eat.

Luo Qing Chen and Qian Si Nai naturally immediately felt the zombie moving towards them.  It was moving slowly at first, but when it smelled the blood, it suddenly started rushing forward.

Qian Si Nai narrowed his cold eyes.  He gave a cold snort and raised his left hand as the temperature around him started to drop.

The eyeballs popped out as the rotten zombie turned to ice, falling to the ground as pieces of ice.

A blue energy core appeared in the air.  At that moment, Qian Si Nai was like a glowing saviour that was shining bright.

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