Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2375: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 42)

“You……You……”  Bai Lian Xin almost jumped up as her eyes started glowing.

Her fierce appearance subsided and she awkwardly lowered her head, “This mister, are you a……Power User?”

Even if she didn’t see zombie movies, she still saw movies.  The appearance of Power Users after the appearance of zombies was natural.

The world needed to be balanced.  The youth’s smooth act with the drop in temperature around them, she was certain that he was a Power User.

God!  Such a handsome man and he had abilities, wasn’t he the best knight for her in the end of the world?

Qian Si Nai’s eyes swept over her with an ice cold chill.

He naturally knew Bai Lian Xin.  This person who was a queen at school, maybe it was because he pretended to be an otaku, so she never talked to him before.

Or perhaps she felt that he wasn’t worthy of her talking to him.

“So what?”  Qian Si Nai looked over at Luo Qing Chen’s worsening condition and he knitted his brows even more.

This shouldn’t be right!  Normally speaking, it would only take a few minutes to awaken one’s power, but Luo Qing Chen’s awakening was taking too long.

Actually, it wasn’t just Qian Si Nai, Luo Qing Chen could feel all her strength fading bit by bit.

If it wasn’t for her strong willpower and firm determination, she would have already fainted.

Bai Lian Xin felt very uncomfortable when she heard Qian Si Nai’s ice cold response.

Even if it was the end of the world, her status was still countless times higher than Luo Qing Chen, this ‘daughter of the nanny’.

Why should a handsome guy with abilities protect her while she was hiding in the dark shelves, being wary of danger.

No, she couldn’t accept it!

In her eyes, she was countless times more beautiful than Luo Qing Chen.  If she used her beauty, she could get the handsome guy in a matter of minutes.

“My tone wasn’t good just now, don’t blame me, sir!”  Bai Lian Xin crossed her arms and showed the appearance of a weak girl, “Actually, I’m classmates with Qing Chen.  Mister, if possible, can you bring us with you?”

Her voice was gentle, a delicate kind of gentleness.  In this silent atmosphere, one couldn’t help feeling a strange sense of fakeness.

Bai Lian Xin thought that if a beautiful girl like her begged him, he would be happy to agree.

Qian Si Nai narrowed his cold eyes and revealed a faint smile as he said in a taunting voice, “I’m also classmates with her.”

Bai Lian Xin trembled when she heard this and then was frozen on the spot.

Classmate?  How was this possible?  If there was such a handsome guy in their class, she would have already flirted with him, alright?

Would it be Luo Qing Chen’s turn?

“Ha, ha……”  She said with a smile, “Are you middle school or high school classmates!  Qing Chen and I are…..”

“We’re classmates.”

Bai Lian Xin felt a heavy stone fall on her head as she couldn’t react at all.

“You……You are……”

“Classmate Bai Lian Xin doesn’t remember me at all.”  The youth firmly stood at Luo Qing Chen’s side as he slowly looked up and gave a cold laugh, “I am Qian Si Nai.”

“What?”  Bai Lian Xin almost screamed this out as her eyes filled with disbelief.

Wasn’t Qian Si Nai an otaku with a mushroom haircut, black rimmed glasses, and a face full of acne?

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