Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2376: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 43)

How could this youth in the trench coat who was giving off a noble aura possible by Qian Si Nai?

“Are you kidding me!”  Bai Lian Xin blinked in a panic, “I usually focus on my studies and might not have noticed you…..so don’t be angry!”

The final words made Luo Qing Chen feel disgusted.

It was impossible that Bai Lian Xin never noticed Qian Si Nai before.  Although this person was low key, people who didn’t have a noble aura at school were outcasts.

Once they became an outcast, naturally everyone remembered them.

Even someone was weak as the previous host remembered Qian Si Nai, not to mention Bai Lian Xin.

“I don’t need you to notice me.”  He narrowed his cold eyes and released a chill that froze everyone around him.

But he was the only Power User among these people.  Now that the supermarket was surrounded by zombies, they wanted to rely on his powers to get out of here.

Seeing that the other side was acting this coldly, Bai Lian Xin couldn’t sit still.

It seemed like this man named Qian Si Nai didn’t like the ‘soft’ approach, only using the ‘hard’ approach would make him notice her.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if you care or not.”  She gave two coughs before raising her head to say, “But classmate Qian, what you are doing can easily affect the safety of other people.”

Qian Si Nai looked at her with cold eyes and there was a layer of frost that covered the surrounding shelves.

Bai Lian Xin took a cold breath.  She bit her lip before clenching her fist and pointing at the pale faced Luo Qing Chen beside him, “Although Qing Chen and I are classmates, she’s clearly been bitten by a zombie.  Classmate Qian, don’t you think that it’s too dangerous for her to be here?”

“Xin Xin is right!”  Bai Da Shan followed up, “This student, how about you have her leave!  Anyway, people die all over during the end of the world, letting more people live is a good thing.  Luo Qing Chen, you should think of your little brother.”

The little brother that Bai Da Shan mentioned was his and mother Luo’s son.  The son that had been adopted by someone else as soon as he had been born!

As soon as his voice fell, Ye Qing Huan crossed her eyes and looked at Qian Si Nai, “Xin Xin is right.  Although you are a Power User, you can’t ignore the safety of others like this.  Not to mention that we know what this person is.  Her mother is just a nanny without money or position.  This is the end of the world, it doesn’t matter if you die.”

It had to be said that Ye Qing Huan’s words completely filled Luo Qing Chen’s heart with flames of rage.

She coldly looked at Ye Qing Huan.

When she was about to say something, Qian Si Nai said with a cold laugh, “In the end of the world, the most worthless things are human lives.  Why should I care for your safety?”

Everyone heard this and was stunned.  Only Bai Lian Xin roared out in an unwilling voice, “Classmate Qian, you can say that.  It’s not like you don’t know our Bai Family’s position in A City, our lives are naturally worth more than other people’s.  If you’re willing to bring us to the safe area, our Bai Family won’t treat you poorly.  We can give you whatever you want……”

Before Bai Lian Xin could finish, Qian Si Nai cut her off, “I’m not willing.”

With a direct refusal, he looked at the six zombies that came in through the revolving door not far away, “Also, the zombies behind you will tell you whether the lives of your ‘Bai Family’ are worth anything.”

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