Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2377: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 44)

Everyone’s face turned pale when they heard this.  There was the scent of blood that filled the air.

There were several zombies that came through the revolving door looking for prey.  They were very sensitive to light.

Although they couldn’t adapt to light right away, once they did, it was easier for them to attack prey where there was light.

Bai Lian Xin felt a chill run down her back as her body couldn’t stop trembling.

She couldn’t die, she definitely couldn’t die……

Qian Si Nai stood not far away with his hands in his pocket, not looking nervous at all.

It seemed like he wasn’t planning on taking care of these zombies at all.

“Xin Xin……”  Ye Qing Huan behind her called her daughter’s name in a soft voice.  She waved her right hand for her to squat down.

One didn’t expect that this action would attract the attention of the zombies!

The six zombies heard this and quickly charged in Bai Lian Xin’s direction.

She just stood there in place with clenched fists as an evil thought filled her mind.

In an instant, she acted on her thoughts without another word.

“Ah!”  She screamed out as she ran in Luo Qing Chen’s direction, catching her off guard.  When she touched her, she suddenly flew in Qian Si Nai’s direction.

Then she firmly held him.

The zombies quickly located the source of the sound and attacked in Luo Qing Chen’s direction.

“Qing Chen.”  Qian Si Nai called out her name, but the smart Bai Lian Xin grabbed his right hand that was about to use his power.

He pushed Bai Lian Xin and wanted to use his powers to freeze the zombies.

The zombies already surrounded Luo Qing Chen.  She could feel the blood all over her body burning and her breathing was unstable.

Her body that was powerless suddenly filled with strength.  The zombies that were charging at her even stopped a few centimeters away from her.

All the people let out a sigh of relief watching this person who ‘might have already been bitten’.

They shrank back into the shelves and all thought of a single idiom.

It’s not your business.

Bai Lian Xin who had been pushed to the ground curled her lips as she thought: Weren’t you arrogant?  Didn’t you look down on the world?  She was just a nanny’s daughter, who could play with her?  Even if it was the end of the world, she, Bai Lian Xin was the princess.

And she, Luo Qing Chen……would always be food for zombies.  She was only worthy of being food.

Qian Si Nai rushed to her side with frost appearing around him.  There was only a few wicks of flame that appeared around her.

When he raised his hand to deal with the zombies, the zombies that had grouped up suddenly burst into flames.

The zombies were instantly turned to ashes and scattered in the wind, leaving a few blue energy cores.

Everyone’s breath stopped and no one dared to say a word.

Bai Lian Xin who was on the ground had a pale face.  Although Luo Qing Chen lowered her head and her face couldn’t be seen, she could clearly feel the power that was coming from her.

A suffocating kind of power……

“Humph!”  There was an arrogant snort that rang out.  Luo Qing Chen slowly looked up and waved her right hand, causing red flames to appear that received the energy cores floating in the air.

She gave a cold laugh as her face that had been pale turned red again and there was a strawberry blush that filled her lips.

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