Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2384: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 51)

“Pa, pa, pa.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a clap before revealing a taunting black bellied smile, “I think that you’re right this time.”

Qian Si Nai seemed to have thought of something and he didn’t forget to give a cold laugh to Bai Lian Xin, “I think that it’s better if I answer the question that you asked just now……”

He turned his eyes to Luo Qing Chen and said, “I will always stand on her side.”

It was because there were too many voices that the zombies had found the ‘scent of blood’, so they charged over.

It was at this time that one of the shelves fell down and inside was the fat auntie who had said ‘cast her out, it’s the end of the world’!

A zombie noticed the auntie’s position and charged at her with outstretched claws.

The auntie jumped out from the shelf and grabbed a random person, pushing that person at the zombie with her slightly strong strength.

That person was bitten by the zombie in the neck.  Their eyes turned white and their body couldn’t help trembling.

That auntie frantically ran and her eyes could only see where Bai Lian Xin was.

In an instant, she grabbed at Bai Lian Xin and wanted to push her too……

Bai Lian Xin took a step back and used the shelf to block the auntie’s retreat.

Just like this, that fat auntie was bitten by the zombie and fell down.

Silence, silence, silence.  There was a deathly silence that hung in the air……

No one dared to say a thing!  After all, they finally understood that there were two Power Users here.

No matter what, they would save them.  After all, the zombies could be easily dealt with by them, but they never thought that when a zombie bit one person in front of them and then bit a second person……

But they……were so indifferent……

They suddenly seemed to have fully understood the situation that they were in.

They were even annoyed that they had ‘flattered’ Bai Lian Xin since they had flattered the wrong person!

“What, Bai Da Shan, have you thought it through?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug, “Do you want to listen to my conditions one by one or all at once?”

Bai Da Shan was so angry that his eyes had turned a bit white.  He quickly took out some medicine from his pocket to eat one before moving to a more secure position and saying, “Just say it all at once!”

Perhaps he had been a bit arrogant earlier, but after kneeling and seeing two people being bitten by zombies in such close range, he had to admit that he needed Luo Qing Chen.

Because he didn’t want to die.  He didn’t want to die with these people without any status in a dirty place like this.

“Two requests.  First, I want that child.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes.  She raised her right hand and a flame wall formed, blocking the zombies.  She pointed at Ye Qing Huan who was hiding in the most innermost position using the baby to protect herself and said, “Put him in this position.”

In the end, this was the child that his mother gave birth to.  It was her duty to save him if she could.

Ye Qing Huan was surprised before rolling her eyes with a bit of disdain and saying with a cold smile, “I don’t want it!”

Seeing that the zombies were blocked, she went to where Luo Qing Chen was and put the baby on the ground.

It had to be known that she didn’t like this child in the first place, it wouldn’t be that nanny’s chance if it wasn’t for the fact that she couldn’t give birth again.

She was filled with disgust when she saw this son.  Now in the end of the world, she was even more unwilling to carry this burden.

“Second, Bai Da Shan, Bai Lian Xin, Ye Qing Huan.”  Luo Qing Chen named the three people of the Bai Family and coldly narrowed her eyes to say, “Leave one life here, I will take everyone else away.”

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