Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2389: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 56)

The zombies devoured Ye Qing Huan and there was a thick smell of blood in the air.

Her neck was bitten by the zombies and those beautiful eyes turned pale white.

Di, da, di, da, di, da……

With the sounds of blood dripping, she fell down.  After a while, she stood up again.

Her neck had been bitten all over and there was only a bit of bone connecting her head to her body.

When the smell of blood filled the small space, the zombies outside the revolving door wildly charged in.

Luo Qing Chen and Qian Si Nai looked at each other before releasing the ice and fire walls at the same time.

The moment that the ice and fire touched, it let off a “zi, zi” sound as a splendid spark appeared in front of them.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and planned on charging into the zombies to slaughter them, but the temperature in the air dropped as there was a chill that filled Qian Si Nai’s eyes.

He suddenly moved her behind him and held her shoulders with both hands while looking in her eyes with a sincere look, “Qing Qing had a hard time dealing with these people, so you should leave the physical work of killing zombies to me.”

Luo Qing Chen heard this and was a bit surprised.  She suddenly felt like she was being pampered by the male lead.

The more dangerous it was, the more moving and the more memorable this feeling was.

She looked up slightly and said, “I’ll watch your performance.”

Actually, she didn’t know how to rank powers yet, but she knew that ice powers weren’t weaker than fire powers, but there was something that fire powers didn’t have.

That was the ability to create water.

In the apocalypse, basically all the water sources had been polluted.  Once the zombie blood mixed with water, there would be all kinds of toxins and mutation factors in the water.

This was why she had bought all that water before the end of the world.

A single bottle of water would be worth as much as a diamond in the future.

As for fire……everyone knows how to create fire with wood, so ‘fire’ was not something that couldn’t be replaced in the end of the world.

When the zombies swarmed in, they were surrounded by an ice wall one by one as pale blue energy cores filled the sky……

Qian Si Nai in his black trench coat quickly rushed through the zombies, with a faint blue light shimmering on his fingers.

To be fair, Qian Si Nai really was handsome at this moment.  It was like he would be glowing just by casually standing there.

Other than some zombies that fled, the others turned into ice and shattered on the ground.

The floor was covered in crystal ice cubes, but if you looked closely, you would find that there were organs and other body parts frozen in it which looked very shocking.

When Bai Lian Xin finally came back to her senses, she looked right at Qian Si Nai.

She was suddenly filled with regret.  Why didn’t she notice his excellence when they were still classmates?

If she had noticed him earlier and made him her protector, her life in the apocalypse wouldn’t have been this tragic.

Even her mother had died in Luo Qing Chen’s hands!

Right!  In her eyes, her mother wasn’t killed by the zombies, but Luo Qing Chen.  She hated her, a hatred that penetrated her to her bones that would never fade away.

She would certainly change, she would definitely get a good man.

There was still time, there was still time for anything!  As long as Qian Si Nai liked her, nothing was impossible!

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