Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2398: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 65)

When the ice wall appeared in front of her, she could see his deep eyes filled with determination.

He really didn’t want her participating in this battle, which also showed that the enemy was strong.

If he was strong enough to kill them, why didn’t he show himself!

When these doubts filled her mind, there were several sharp beams of golden light that flew at Qian Si Nai.

The other side was very quick.  Normal people wouldn’t be able to see them, but she could.


Their entire body was covered in armour and there were small pieces of golden red flesh that fell from their faces.

“Qian Si Nai, I saw it.”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip and yelled at him through the ice wall, “They’re zombies!”

“I know.”  Qian Si Nai said while fighting, “But they aren’t the low grade zombies from the early period.”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows and wanted to use her fire powers to burn the ice wall in front of her.

But the ice was ice and even when fire hit it, it wouldn’t melt at once.

“Don’t come over, I will be distracted.”  Drops of sweat fell from Qian Si Nai’s forehead.

He was using all his strength to resist, but he couldn’t suppress this ‘enemy’.

In the end, there was too much of a difference in grade……

When a golden beam of light penetrated his shoulder, blood splashed all over and there was a sweet taste in his mouth as he spat out blood.

“Qian Si Nai!”  Luo Qing Chen called out in surprise.  She ignored everything and took out the Phoenix Dance Sword from her storage space, slashing the ice wall in front of her.

Jumping out, she blocked the attacks of the ‘armoured zombies’.

“Are you alright?”  It was because she was facing the enemies that she could clearly see the appearance of these ‘armoured zombies’.

The flesh on their bodies fell like they had been melted and there was nothing else other than sharp teeth on their faces……

“Un……”  Qian Si Nai said with a grunt, “Just a small injury.”

“Whether it’s big or small……’  Luo Qing Chen paused before throwing out the medicine box from her storage space to the ground, “First take care of your injury.  Although you are already a Power User, their blood is a weapon that will weaken your powers.”

“Stop causing trouble!”  Qian Si Nai held his shoulder as he looked at her facing the zombies alone with knitted brows.

She raised her right hand to stop his lips and said in a playful voice, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!”


Qian Si Nai had said the same words to her when the battle began, but now it was her saying these words to Qian Si Nai.

This feeling was very good.  She liked the feeling of joining forces to fight stronger enemies.

After all, in her mind, when no one was weak, that was a strong couple!

As soon as her voice fell, she turned with narrowed eyes.  The hilt of the Phoenix Dance Sword burned as a red glow appeared on the blade.

There were nine ‘armoured zombies’ around her.  Luo Qing Chen didn’t know their grade, but she knew that these zombies were much stronger than low grade zombies.

Whether it was in terms of speed, strength, or intelligence, these zombies had several times the normal value.

She slowly raised the Phoenix Dance Sword as a cold glow flickered in those beautiful eyes, “For humans, don’t use small moves if you can face them head on because the result will either be your death or my death.”

“I’ll add one last thing.”  She revealed a confident smile, “I won’t die.”

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