Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 24.2: You look like my old friend.

Chapter 24 Part 2

Ziying had more than 2000 years of cultivation and even stayed in a frightful place like the Mausoleum the entire time. The people of the Xuanxue world saw him as a great scourge because if he really wanted to hurt people, it would absolutely lead to a tremendous disaster.

When the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world knew that Ziying also carried the He Shi Bi and Tai’e Sword, it became even more like facing a great enemy. Fighting the moment one met another, this kind behavior between people seemed to be a bit impolite, but would be highly reasonable if placed on a fiercely powerful malicious ghost.

It was better to be safe than sorry. If an all-out effort wasn’t put in resulting in letting Ziying escape and he went to kill people again, what should be done?

With Xi Jia’s guarantee, Ye Jingzhi put away Wu Xiang Qing Li and began to listen to Ziying speak.

Ziying said, “I have been sleeping for most of these past two thousand years. Occasionally I would wake, then I would take a walk in the Mausoleum by myself. Father Emperor’s mausoleum has a total of seven levels. I can only go through the first three levels. At that time, I remember that I should be sleeping when I suddenly heard a sound. I woke up to take a look and found a 300 year small ghost. The scent of blood on his body was very strong, as if it had kill many people, so I killed it. A few days later, I saw a monk. I had not spoke with him yet when he fainted. I do not know why, but he used a prayer bead to hit me before fainting. I moved to the side and the prayer bead hit the mausoleum’s enchantment causing a very small crack to actually appear. The crack was about to be restored, I have not seen the outside world for a long time so I came out to take a look before the crack closed.”

Xi Jia was startled, “It’s that simple?”

Ziying nodded, smiling, “It’s that simple.”

Ye Jingzhi thought deeply for a moment and said, “You can kill a person and occupy his body, so that you can live in the mundane world like ordinary people. With your strength in addition to the He Shi Bi and the Tai’e Sword, we fear we will never find you.”

Ziying shallowly laughed, “I am Ying Ziying, never anyone else.”

Hearing what was said, Xi Jia looked at Ziying, finally somewhat understood. The young man in front of him seemed good-natured and intimate, but in reality he was really an Emperor. He had an Emperor’s air of arrogance and dignity. Even though he was dead, he couldn’t abandon his identity and become another person.

Xi Jia couldn’t help but ask, “Then later, what do you plan on……”

“Hey! Qin San Shi, bring your life over……Eh? Why is the window gone? Doesn’t matter, give this old man your life!!!”

An angry shout rang in the air. Xi Jia turned back to look and saw a white bearded old daoist flying through the floor-to-ceiling windows at a rapid speed. His hand held a peach wood sword, stabbing toward Ziying’s body.

This old daoist had appeared in a very cool, show-off manner and even shouted a few words unlike Master Ye, who would immediately start fighting without any further words. His action of first shouting before attacking gave Ziying a lot of time to prepare. Ziying slapped the floor, drawing out the Tai’e Sword. He simply struck head-on with the old daoist’s peach wood sword.


The peach wood sword broke in half.

Qishan-daoren was stupefied, “This old man……This old man’s sword!!!”

Ye Jingzhi indifferently said, “Senior Qishan, this junior had said that Qin San Shi uses the Tai’e Sword.” The implication was that your shabby peach wood sword could only chop radishes and peel apples in the presence of the Tai’e Sword.

Qishan-daoren was furious, a Heaven Shaking Roar exploded out from his mouth, “Pay back this old man’s sword!!!”

Ye Jingzhi immediately reached out to cover Xi Jia’s ears and laid down an enchantment in passing. Ziying lifted the Tai’e Sword to obstruct the sound wave that oscillated like waves. This Tai’e Sword was indeed worthy to be the national treasure of the State of Chu, the legendary Sword of Weidao. An attack like Heaven Shaking Roar in front of the real Sword of Weidao was absolutely not worth mentioning.

Qishan-daoren, “……”

In the next moment, Qishan-daoren jumped behind Ye Jingzhi, “Young Daoist Ye, this old man is old. It’s up to you to do these things like ghost hunting.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Ziying, “……”

Not long after, the great forces of the Xuanxue world also entered through the hotel’s shattered windows.

Xi Jia looked on helplessly as this crowd of white haired and white bearded old daoists entered through the hotel’s windows in a line. Ten-some old men and eight female Celestial Masters all stood in Xi Jia’s bedroom. People crammed against people. Even Ziying was squeezed into a corner.

Ye Jingzhi bowed his head and explained, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would be like this. When you sent me a WeChat, I forwarded it to ‘Ghosts Know.’”

Xi Jia quickly tapped WeChat open.

Sure enough, “Ghosts Know” quite responsibly mass-messaged the news of “Qin San Shi is now at Chang’an XX Hotel.”

At this time, the great masters of the Xuanxue world were all present.

The senior masters could fly in the sky and travel fast. Ye Jingzhi was halfway when he received Xi Jia’s message. He was anxious so he sped up and was the first to arrive at the hotel. After him, the masters of the Xuanxue world also flew over in a hurry. As for those of the younger generation, they probably had already arrived at the gates of Chang’an’s ancient city.

The bedroom was only so big. With so many masters crammed in here, Xi Jia, Ye Jingzhi, and Ziying could only squeeze into a corner. Xi Jia looked at Ziying and said apologetically, “Sorry, they are actually a bit……unreliable.”

Ziying, who was being squeezed against the wall, smiled, “No harm.”

They were clearly here to ghost hunt, but with everyone crammed like this, it was hard to do so. Xi Jia struggled to reach out from amongst the crowd to open the door. Each and everyone of them entered the living room, only then there’s enough space. In the living room, the masters took out their magic treasures in succession, facing Ziying.

“Qin San Shi, surrender quickly!”

“Amitabha, this poor monk’s prayer beads do not have eyes.”

“This old man will send you a Five Thunders!”

Hearing the familiar voice, Xi Jia immediately turned his head to look over. Only to see Qishan-daoren very grievingly holding his peach wood sword that he had broken in half. He hid behind Cengxiu-zhenjun, speaking like a fox exploiting the tiger’s might.

Ye Jingzhi stepped forward and said, “No need to attack, he doesn’t have any ill intent.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun knitted his brows and looked at him, “Young Daoist Ye, what you have said, is it true?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded.

Cengxiu-zhenjun asked again, “What proof?”

Ziying’s gentle voice sounded, “I am willing to enter Samsara.”

Amongst the twenty old seniors, there were four who wore monastic robes. After Ziying had said these words, the four masters glanced at each other, and Master Buxing stepped forward to inquire Ziying if he was really willing to enter rebirth and reincarnate.

Ziying replied, “There is already nothing that I fondly recall in this world, and there is no one who remembers me.”

Master Buxing said, “Amitabha. Since benefactor1 wishes to enter Samsara, that is naturally a good thing. But you need to know that a thousand-year ghost like you, if you’re not completely willing while this monk is performing the ceremony for you, your soul might scatter if you have any impure thoughts.”

Ziying looked at Master Buxing with determination, his gaze unclouded, “Ying Ziying, willing to enter reincarnation.”

Since Qin San Shi was willing to enter reincarnation, then it was naturally to everyone’s delight.

Transcending Samsara was a monk’s work. With Master Buxing leading, the four masters sat in a lotus position beside Ziying, softly reciting the Sutra of Kṣitigarbha. These four masters were currently the Xuanxue world’s strongest Buddhists. As they recited the scriptures, they spat out golden Buddhist lotuses, each of them hovering around Ziying.

A total of nine nines, 81 golden lotuses fluttered around Ziying. Master Buxing finished reciting the last verse of the scriptures and suddenly opened his eyes. The other three masters also opened their eyes. The four of them grasped their prayer beads, punching out towards the golden lotuses.

In a split second, the golden lotuses rushed towards Ziying’s body. However, right when the golden lotuses were about to hit his body, they didn’t enter his body. A powerful blood colored yin energy charged out from the jade pendant at Ziying’s waist. It coiled around the golden lotuses, strangling them into pieces.

Master Buxing was shocked.

The 81 golden lotuses were all strangled and broken by the dragon jade pendant’s yin energy. The moment the golden lotuses disappeared, Master Buxing and the others sprayed a mouthful of foul blood. The dragon jade pendant also cracked a slit.

Cengxiu-zhenjun immediately drew his sword, watching Ziying in a vigilant manner. Ye Jingzhi reached out to block him.

Ye Jingzhi carefully looked at the jade pendant at Ziying’s waist and asked, “It prevented you from reincarnating?”

Ziying’s complexion also became much paler. Just now, he was unable to enter reincarnation, causing Master Buxing and the others to be injured, but he also suffered a backlash. Ziying held up the jade pendant at his waist and saw a crack on top, his gaze complicated.

A long time after, he cupped his fist to the masters present and said, “Father Emperor does not want me to reincarnate. He wants me to not reincarnate forever.”

Xi Jia widened his eyes. Ziying smiled, looking at him, “I caused the death of Da Qin, Father Emperor hates me. It goes without saying.”

This time, the situation was caught in another deadlock.

Qin San Shi wasn’t allowed to reincarnate. The problem became larger.

A ghost with two thousand years of cultivation. To say the Xuanxue world could turn a blind eye and let Qin San Shi free, that was absolutely impossible. Previously, they had spent several days and nights searching and never found Ziying’s whereabouts. If Ziying didn’t want to appear, they could possibly never find Ziying in their lifetime.

What if they let Ziying go now and Ziying harmed people later, then what should be done? It would definitely cause a great chaos in the world.

Although Ziying currently said that he didn’t want to hurt people, but who knew if his words were real or fake. What if he hurt people later?

The masters were worried to the point they lost their hair.

Translator’s Addition:
Ziying in the natural yin energy condensing arrays of the Mausoleum: *wakes up and checks his power* Oh I leveled up. Time for a walk.
Ziying: Hm…time for a nap.

Translator’s Notes:
1 施主 Benefactor – while it means benefactor, it’s also a term Buddhist monks use to refer to other people.

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