Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 24.3: You look like my old friend.

Chapter 24 Part 3

Qishan-daoren looked at Cengxiu-zhenjun, “Fight?”

The corner of Cengxiu-zhenjun’s mouth twitched. He lifted a finger and pointed towards Ziying’s waist, “What is that?”

Qishan-daoren replied, “He Shi Bi.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun once again pointed at the sword in Ziying’s hand, “Then, what is that?”

Once he saw the sword, Qishan-daoren remembered his broken peach wood sword and sudden felt distressed, “The Tai’e Sword!”

Cengxiu-zhenjun exhaled a deep sigh, “If we fight, we can definitely win. It’s either we fight to the death here until his soul scatters, or he relies on the He Shi Bi and Tai’e Sword to escape. If we search again later, it’ll be as difficult as climbing to the skies.”

Qishan-daoren rubbed his head.

If Ziying really hadn’t hurt anyone, they couldn’t hit Ziying until his soul scattered. That would be too immoral.

After thinking for a long time, Cengxiu-zhenjun said, “Qin San Shi, you need to know that if you can’t reincarnate, you’ll be a wandering spirit. Those with a grave, stone tablet, a name, and surname can enter Samsara. Right now we are unable to help you transcend Samsara. You also can’t enter Samsara yourself. As such, you are considered a wandering spirit. Before, you were hiding in the Mausoleum, and the First Emperor is your father. A bloodline as the next of kin can be considered as having a surname. Therefore, it can also be considered as having a grave and you won’t be a wandering spirit. However, you currently have left the Mausoleum. As a wandering spirit, you will experience a heart tribulation every seven years.”1

Ziying looked towards Cengxiu-zhenjun, “What is a heart tribulation?”

Cengxiu-zhenjun said, “There are wandering ghosts in this world, but the majority can’t reincarnate because they forgot their identities or have no graves. Among them, those with a grave can immediately enter Samsara. The ghosts that doesn’t have a grave all along will be asked by Ling Xiao every seven years. Ling Xiao will first ask if you are dead. If you can’t answer it, Ling Xiao will know that you are wandering the world because you have forgotten that you are dead, and will give you a chance to reincarnate.”

Ziying, “Only asking if I’m dead?”

Cengxiu-zhenjun shook his head, “That is the first question. After many of the wandering ghosts know that they’re already dead, they can immediately enter Samsara. Ling Xiao’s second question is who you are. If you can’t answer, Ling Xiao will know that it is because you have forgotten your identity that you roam the world, and it will give you a chance to remember your name which is equivalent to giving you a chance to reincarnate. All the graveless ghosts can reincarnate and be reborn if they pass these two questions. As for the last question……”

Cengxiu-zhenjun suddenly stopped, not speaking further.

Ye Jingzhi stepped forward, his voice calm, “Ling Xiao’s third question is to question. Since you already know that you’re dead and also know who you are, why won’t you reincarnate! If you can’t give a reasonable answer to this third question, Ling Xiao will send a punishment. You have the chance to reincarnate but you don’t cherish it. Ling Xiao will hate you and bestow you the pain of getting your heart bitten by a hundred ghosts.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun nodded, “Correct. If you cannot answer the first two questions, Ling Xiao will understand that it’s not intentional and won’t send a punishment. But the third question, you don’t cherish life, don’t want reincarnation, and have delusions about coming back to life, Ling Xiao will make those poor ghosts that have no chance of reincarnation devour your heart. The pain of having your heart devoured, we’ll not talk about it for the time being. This daoist has lived for 103 years and has never seen a wandering ghost that passed three heart tribulations.”

Xi Jia asked, “What would happen to those ghosts who couldn’t pass their heart tribulations?”

Cengxiu-zhenjun sighed deeply, “The soul will scatter.”

Ziying of course knew that he was already dead, and he also knew who he was. But he simply couldn’t answer why he didn’t go and reincarnate. He wanted to reincarnate, but someone else prevented him from reincarnating. A reason like this in the fair and altruistic Ling Xiao’s eyes was not a reason, and a punishment of a hundred ghosts devouring the heart would surely descend.

Life was previous, and reincarnation was not easy.

How many people died with no chance of reincarnation, yet you had the chance, but you didn’t know how to cherish it!

After learning about Ling Xiao’s three questions from Cengxiu-zhenjun, Ziying didn’t show any particular emotions. He cupped his fist in salute to everyone of the Xuanxue world and said, “Heart tribulations three times, every seven years, that is twenty-one years. Before my soul scatters, I wish to see this world.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun’s face revealed a distressed appearance.

Qin San Shi is a ghost with such a profound cultivation. If he were to walk the world as he wished, who would be at ease?

Ziying spoke once more, “If it is convenient, you can arrange for people to follow me. Or you can directly guide me and bring me to see this world. This one cannot thank you enough.”

Xi Jia understood Ziying’s meaning all of a sudden.

Ziying knew that the Xuanxue people couldn’t be at ease if he casually roamed the world. Then he should mention it himself, inviting the Xuanxue world to assign someone to watch over him. This person would be nominally accompanying him and showing him the way, but would be monitoring his tracks in reality.

Cengxiu-zhenjun thought for a bit and felt that this method wasn’t bad. However, he had yet to open his mouth when Xi Jia knitted his brows and said, “Ziying, you can go back to the First Emperor’s Mausoleum.”

Everyone immediately faced Xi Jia, and Ziying also looked at him in astonishment.

Xi Jia said, “Since the First Emperor’s Mausoleum can also be counted as your tomb, you won’t be a wandering soul or wild ghost when you return. You have your own grave, and you won’t get asked by Ling Xiao.”

Once these words fell, the masters of the Xuanxue world immediately started to discuss fervently.

“That’s right, can’t he go back? If he goes back, we’ll be rest assured, and his soul also won’t be scattered.”

“It makes sense, it should be like this from the start!”

“The Mausoleum is so dangerous, he definitely won’t be able to get out. Going back is good, it is best to go back!”

Ziying’s lips opened and closed as if he had something he wished to say. But seeing Xi Jia’s expression, he slowly pursed his lips.

Qin San Shi was going back to the Mausoleum. To the Xuanxue world, it was absolutely a major event.

The Celestial Masters of the younger generation had just arrived at the foot of the hotel, huffing and puffing. They saw their own masters and grandmasters coming out of the hotel, giving them a laugh, “Let’s go, go towards the Mausoleum!”

The younger generation, “……”

Fuck! Laozi just came from the Mausoleum!!!

Everyone proceeded towards the Mausoleum in a grandiose manner.

Pei Yu saw Xi Jia, and he quickly sneaked over. Ziying was walking beside Xi Jia, silent the entire time. Pei Yu didn’t know who he was. The entire time, he spouted and boasted to Xi Jia, endlessly talking about how he was so clever and calculative, and that he had already guessed that Qin San Shi definitely wasn’t in the Mausoleum so he never went to the Mausoleum to wait and went to the Chang’an’s inner city to eat, drink, and play by himself instead.

Xi Jia, “……How can you have the face to say that you’re slacking off?”

Pei Yu completely didn’t mind, “How am I slacking off!? Right now I’m seventh on the Modou Rankings again. Once we encounter Qin San Shi, I’ll be the seventh crux of the Big Dipper Formation and I’ll hit that Qin San Shi until he can’t find which way is north!”

Xi Jia, “……”

After hesitating for quite a while, Xi Jia asked, “Do you know why we are heading the Mausoleum for?”

Pei Yu asked back, “Why?”

Xi Jia, “Sending Qin San Shi, Ying Ziying, back to the Mausoleum.”

Pei Yu’s legs trembled in fear, hiding behind Xi Jia, “Holy shit!? Qin San Shi is near?”

Xi Jia pointed at Ziying to the side, “There, right behind you.”

Pei Yu, “!!!”

This time, Charlatan Pei finally shut his mouth, trembling as he hid behind Xi Jia, not daring to utter a word. He had already heard from his own master that Qin San Shi had the Tai’e Sword and He Shi Bi. Not to mention, Qin San Shi was a ghost with 2000 years of cultivation. Even if he was an ordinary ghost, just the Tai’e Sword and He Shi Bi could cut Charlatan Pei into a real stick.2

In the middle of the night, they finally arrived at the Mausoleum. Each of the masters of the Xuanxue world nervously watched Qin San Shi, afraid he would suddenly regret and run away at the last moment. But Ziying didn’t run away. He went in front of Xi Jia and smiled as he extended his hand.

Xi Jia looked at him in astonishment.

Ziying said, “I see that the people of your country shake hands as etiquette.”

Xi Jia suddenly realized and reached out.

Ziying grasped his hand. The ice-cold hand met the warm hand. He slightly leaned over, “Thank you.”

Xi Jia suddenly felt that his palm was a bit hot and frowned at the scalding sensation. However, his hand was being held by Ziying, and he couldn’t see what was happening. Ziying smiled at him. After watching a long time, he said, “I said before that you look somewhat similar to an old friend. Xi Jia, do you know who you look like?”

Xi Jia asked, “……the First Emperor?”

Ziying suddenly laughed and shook his head.

Xi Jia asked again, “Fusu?”

Ziying laughed even harder and shook his head again.

This time, Xi Jia couldn’t think of anything, and Ziying seriously said, “Father Emperor’s favorite is Fusu, but the one he dotes on the most is Huhai. Actually, we all really pamper him. When Huhai was small, he was very cute. When he grew up, he was exceedingly pretty and stood out. Your…..nose is somewhat similar to his.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ziying warned, “I also do not know if Father Emperor knows about the fact that Da Qin has already perished or that Fusu died at the hands of Huhai and Zhao Gao. If there is a chance later, you must not appear in front of Father Emperor by all means. Although you only look a little like Huhai, with Father Emperor’s temperament, if he sees that you are similar to Huhai after he knows the truth, he will not spare you.”

Xi Jia said, “If the First Emperor wants to kill me, Ziying, you will stop it.”

Ziying smiled as he said, “I am afraid I cannot wait for that day.”

Xi Jia was stumped momentarily, not understanding Ziying’s meaning. Next, he saw Ziying walking in the wilderness. He probably walked ten meters when he suddenly halted and stomped on the ground.

With a loud rumble, a magnificent and towering apparition of a palace floated in midair.

This palace was merely a reflection, but Ziying could walk on the steps. He walked step by step up until he reached the grand and lofty bronze gate.

Everyone of the Xuanxue world held their breaths.

Ye Jingzhi said to Xi Jia in a low voice, “The Mausoleum is underground, but this reflection is the Mausoleum that had appeared 321 years ago.”

This kind of ghostly technique, Xi Jia felt it was mystical as he watched. He watched Ziying walk up to the bronze gate and extend his hand, wanting to push the gate.

At this time, the Xuanxue people didn’t have any large reactions, only prepared to see Qin San Shi return home.

However, the gate didn’t budge.

Ziying extended both hands and pushed against the gate.

The bronze gate still had no response.

Everyone in the Xuanxue world were incessantly shocked, commenting in whispers. Next to Xi Jia, Pei Yu muttered, “Isn’t that his home, how come he can’t open the door of his own home?”

These words simply didn’t enter Xi Jia’s ears. He looked at Ziying, seeing a thin, lonely figure standing before the magnificent palace. Underneath the lofty and majestic palace, Ziying seemed like a lowly mortal. He used his strength against the gate, but it didn’t budge for him, forever tightly closed.

After pushing against the gate for a quarter of an hour, Ziying slowly lowered his hands, finally giving up.

He lifted a beast-head door handle on the gate and lightly knocked.3

“Thump thump——”

The dull knocking of the door echoed in the wilderness.

Each of Ziying’s knock sounded desolate and lonesome. He stood in front of the lofty and grand palace as if he was a guest.

Once Ziying knocked for the 99th time, the gate remained shut. He raised his hand to knock for the 100th time, but when he had only raised it halfway, he stopped in the air. After a long time, Ziying put down his hand. He gently placed the bronze beast-head door handle back to its original position. Ziying stood in front of the gate with his head low, not saying a word.

The night wind blew past. After a long time, he slowly turned around, giving Xi Jia a smile, and raised his leg to walk down the stairs.

Behind him, the apparition of the Mausoleum slowly became lighter. The ice-cold gate remained tightly closed, not opening a small crack for him.

『The one Father Emperor wishes to see has never been me.』

Qin Shi Huang’s favorite was Fusu, and doted on Huhai the most.

Ziying was never in his eyes.

Xi Jia felt his heart hurt a bit. The evening wind blew Ziying’s black robes. The moonlight sprinkled down, and the black robes revealed a golden dragon. The golden dragon danced underneath the moonlight. However at this moment, it appeared to be mocking, mocking him that even if he had become an Emperor, he was unworthy of this title, and was never in his own father’s eyes.

Xi Jia couldn’t help but shout, “Ziying!”

Ziying went down to the third set of steps and smiled at him.

Suddenly, Xi Jia widened his eyes, firmly staring behind Ziying.


A boundless and ancient sound cut through the millennium of time and space, ringing through the vast wilderness.

Ziying suddenly halted in his footsteps. The Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world all widened their eyes.

The bronze gate slowly opened a small gap. The vicissitudes of the terrifying aura slowly spilled out from the gradually opening gate. Ziying’s body trembled as he stood in his original place, not daring to turn around and look. Behind him, a black figure slowly appeared in the opening of the bronze gate.

That person’s face was hidden by the darkness of the Mausoleum and couldn’t be seen clearly. The extremely magnificent black dragon robe, the dignified temperament that was imposing even without fury. The instant this person’s silhouette emerged in the wilderness, the murderous aura started to ring, and the sound of wind swiftly ceased. In the skies, thousands of clouds gathered in a flash. A thick blood-red thunderbolt came crashing straight down at this person. Ziying immediately threw out the He Shi Bi at his waist.

The He Shi Bi collided with the blood colored thunderbolt in the air and was crushed into fine powder.

In the next moment, Ziying rapidly turned around, still not daring to raise his head and look at this person.

At this point, everyone in the Xuanxue world had already taken out their most powerful magic weapons, their bodies taut. Even the always unreliable Pei Yu had a serious expression, coldly staring at the black clothed man that suddenly appeared at the Mausoleum.

Ye Jingzhi pulled Xi Jia behind him to protect him.

Xi Jia also stared at the man without blinking, wishing to see the other’s appearance clearly. However, this person hid in the darkness, and the face couldn’t be seen.

The dark clouds continued to condense in the air, not dispersing for a very long time. Under everyone’s attentive gazes, the black clothed man slowly extended his hand towards Ziying. His hand had just stretched out of the Mausoleum when it created zapping sounds. It was as if a portion of the yin energy from his hand was being roasted, dispersing into the air.

Ziying didn’t dare believe as he looked at this hand. He finally raised his head to look at the person hiding in the darkness.

“Father Emperor!!!”

Qin Shi Huang pulled his son’s hand, bringing his son inside.

Not a small theatre, but Author had something to say at that moment in time….

The Author has something to say:
Sorry, today I attended a graduation ceremony, returned late, and updated late. Used the long rough draft, please forgive me~QAQ!
Oh by the way, we really only have a sincerely father and son family love, ah……

Translator’s Notes: Slight change in Chapter 13 where a master of Tianji School was fortune-telling the whereabouts of YJZ’s wife. I made a mistake. Instead of “Ling Xiao is asking,” it should be “Asking Ling Xiao for information.” Makes a lot more sense now that I know more about who/what Ling Xiao is.
1 问心之苦 Heart tribulation – the term here literally means the suffering/pain of asking the heart/mind; therefore, a sort of heart tribulation.
2 Joke lost in translation. Pei Yu’s nickname 神棍 literally translates to god stick, but it’s doesn’t actually mean god stick.
3 Beast-head door handle – here’s a picture.

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