Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 24 Lao Ye Temple Waters (NPC)

Because the team is afraid of delaying too much time underwater, all 7 of them came to the lakeside where the boat is parked early in the morning of the 8th day. With everything ready and prepared, they just look forward to going to the lake smoothly. Lou Fan gave each person 6 small pearls, which is enough for one to spend 3 hours underwater, and put the rest in his close-fitting bag. Lou Fan’s team has torches exchanged in Lazuli, they are fully charged and waterproof. Wen Lang and Zhang Xue found 2 old flashlights in the village yesterday, better than nothing. The flashlight is wrapped in plastic bags one layer after another to prevent water from entering. Wen Lang envied Lou Fan's equipment and secretly vowed to bring more things back to Lazuli this time. Then he can level up his equipment greatly.

Lin Man Man and Gong Yi will wait for them on the boat, which is still tied with a rope. When the 5 people went into the water, Lin Man Man waved at them worriedly and watched them plunge into the lake one by one.

"Do you think they will be in danger?"

Lin Man Man grabbed the ship's edge and looked down. It is just a black hole underwater, and nothing was visible, which made people very worried.

Gong Yi looked relaxed as he said, "Don't worry, Brother Qin and Brother Lou are so powerful, they will definitely be able to bring the rest back to complete the task." Honestly, Gong Yi doesn’t feel so sure in his heart, but at this moment, what they need is not to be weak-willed.

Lin Man Man's gaze slowly became resolute, "Yes, they are all so powerful. They will definitely be able to complete the task."

Qin Tan swam at the front, followed by Lou Fan, Chen Shuyang, Zhang Xue, and Wen Lang is at the end. Chen Shuyang’s swimming skill is so-so, and he could only do dog paddle. He has never dived underwater before. In fact, he was very scared before entering the water, but he didn't dare to speak out. There’s nothing he could do about his fear because the task is under the water, he still has to push on. But what Chen Shuyang didn't expect is he doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all after entering the water. At first, he is still holding his breath but he couldn't hold it anymore after a minute. The unexpectedly smooth breathing made him stunned. The little pearl from the fish monster's head is sure easy to use. Although its origin felt a bit disgusting, he didn't feel that scared anymore underwater. Chen Shuyang paddled his limbs and swam freely in the water, imagining that he is a fish. However, after 10 minutes, Chen Shuyang couldn't feel excited anymore. Through the faint light, he could see the densely packed fish monsters floating in front of him. The little pearl’s function seemed to be not working at this moment. Chen Shuyang felt like he couldn’t breathe, as if he had been filled with lead, so stiff that he could not move.

Qin Tan at the front stopped swimming, seeming to observe where to get through.

Zhang Xue bit her lips firmly, not letting herself make a sound. She is scared, but she knew she had to hold back. No one could help her with this, she had to adapt. At this moment, her face is even paler than the female ghost in the ghost movie. Wen Lang seemed to sense the fear of the person in front of him. He swam to Zhang Xue's side and looked at her sideways. Seeing that she noticed him, Wen Lang reached out and patted her shoulder. He gave her a thumbs-up and patted his chest. Zhang Xue is amused by Wen Lang and a small smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. She blinked at Wen Lang, the fear in her heart loosened a lot - she still has so many team members with her!

Chen Shuyang followed Lou Fan too closely and accidentally bumped at Lou Fan. Lou Fan turned his head to look at him, so Chen Shuyang shook his head quickly, indicating that he is okay. He(CSY) can’t act like this! He absolutely cannot be a coward!

The group of fish monsters is quiet at this moment. Qin Tan chose a passable gap and gestured towards the back. The group immediately mustered some spirit, lined up, and followed downward. The fish monsters are close at hand as if it is possible to wake up at any time and bite at them with sharp teeth. Everyone held their breath carefully, for fear of awakening them. Finally, all members passed through the group of fish monsters smoothly. Chen Shuyang, Zhang Xue, and Wen Lang looked back at the group of fish monsters. All they wanted in their heart is to be as far away as possible from the monsters, and it is best not to meet them again.

The underwater pressure increases and it takes a lot of effort to go downstream. The five people are tied to each other with ropes to prevent anyone from being left behind due to a decrease in strength. After swallowing another pearl, from a distance, it seemed that the ship could be clearly seen. That is really a huge ship! Lou Fan raised his watch and glanced at it. It still didn't show that the task is completed, so he could only continue downward. When the light beams in their hands shone on the mast of the giant ship, it seemed like they could imagine the magnificence of the ship when it is still sailing on the sea. At this moment, their watch finally showed that the mission is completed.

The team of 5 people smiled and held each other's hands tightly, forming a circle to express their joy - they finally completed the task! Chen Shuyang grinned with joy and a series of bubbles popped out of his mouth. Lou Fan hurriedly pointed up; there are still fish monsters there. Chen Shuyang immediately covered his mouth. Qin Tan chuckled, and pointed to the ship below — they had to move faster as they still want to look for good things in the ship!

Though they said they want to look for good things, it is in fact just trying their luck in treasure hunting. After all, no one knew if there are any monsters in that huge ship. They only dared to search at the outer area of the ship. It is said on the rock monument after all that this ship is full of rare treasures.

The chest started to feel a little uncomfortable, it means the little pearl’s time limit is approaching. Wen Lang held his breath wanting to hold on for a while before swallowing another small pearl. Although everyone has 6 little pearls in their hand, Wen Lang has already swallowed 2 of them now and has 4 left in his hand. If he can save 2 and bring them back to Lazuli, he can get a lot of good things. But after the little pearl’s time limit expired, he couldn’t hold on for more than 30 seconds and immediately swallowed the pearl he had prepared in his hand. It's so uncomfortable! Wen Lang almost felt that he is about to suffocate and his head almost burst due to the water pressure. Forget it, his life is more important!

The huge sunken ship is already covered with seaweed, and the hull looks like a giant beast. No one knows if there is anything hidden inside. Qin Tan pointed to a cabin, Lou Fan nodded, and the other three nodded. This is what they agreed in advance. For the sake of safety, they will only go to 1 cabin. No matter whether there are any treasures or not, they will no longer venture to explore and must return to the surface. Qin Tan took the lead as usual. When he is about to enter a cabin, Qin Tan paused as if thinking of something. He pointed towards Lou Fan and then at the ship.

Lou Fan is taken aback, and pointed to himself, ‘You are letting me choose the cabin?’

Qin Tan nodded, his expression looked somewhat inexplicable.

Lou Fan nodded and swam in front of Qin Tan. The cabin aisle is very dark, and the light from their flashlights could only shine at a very short distance. Lou Fan skimmed the cabins and stopped in front of one of them. He reached out and pushed. The cabin door has decayed so it swayed away as soon as Lou Fan pushed at it. The scene in the cabin immediately appeared before his eyes. Boxes are stacked one by one, so high that the entire cabin is half full. Lou Fan swam in first, followed by Qin Tan.

Everyone's eyes lit up seeing so many boxes. It turns out that Lou Fan's hands are extremely blessed, and every time he is quite lucky. He opened a box casually, and the sparkling jewels and stones in it almost blinded him. No one in the team has seen so many jewels before. If they are taken out in the real world, they may be caught by the authorities, but now, these boxes piled up to the roof are up to them to take. Lou Fan pursed his lips and grinned, and reached out his hand to take as he pleased. Unfortunately, no matter the size of their backpack, they cannot bear to fill it to the brim and can only choose what they like. If it’s too heavy, they won’t be able to swim up. Then, it would be all for naught.

Lou Fan likes shining gems a lot so he took some jade and a lot of gems. On the other hand, Qin Tan picked up some jade that is pleasing to the eye. He didn't know much about jades, so he just grabbed some and put them in his bag. Chen Shuyang likes everything and can't choose, so he closes his eyes and grabbed casually. This kind of nouveau riche feels so cool! Wen Lang is so happy that he wants to laugh out loud with his arms on his hips; he is also a rich person now! No need to trick people anymore! Zhang Xue is a girl so she likes shining jewels. Almost all of the items she took are gems, which seem to be very valuable.

Qin Tan glanced at the time and patted the members one by one - they are about to go back. Wen Lang and Chen Shuyang looked at the treasures reluctantly, looking like they really wanted to go in and grab a handful more. It's a pity that their backpack is already heavy, and they really can't swim back after taking more. They could only feel regret as they waved goodbye at the boxes one by one. They didn't even bear to think that this ship still has so many cabins and imagine how many rare and exotic treasures there are. It's a pity that these things can never be seen on the surface again!

After swimming out of Shenzhou, the team looked back to glance at this ancient luxury giant cruise ship. It is luxurious and magnificent, sleeping on the bottom of this deep lake, not knowing when it would see the sky again.

Right now, their task is completed, this is their biggest gain.

Waving his hand, Lou Fan put a small pearl in his mouth and took the lead upstream. Qin Tan followed up, and the three people behind did not stay anymore and followed up. With a group of fish monsters floating on top in a dense amount, Lou Fan swam slowly and slowly. Then, his hand is caught and Qin Tan swam to him. Squeezing his hand, Qin Tan swam in front of Lou Fan. Lou Fan pursed his lips and smiled. A hint of joy appeared in his heart, and he swam up close.

Wen Lang is still the one swimming at the end. Just as he swam past the fish monsters, he subconsciously held his breath. Inexplicably, he turned his head and glanced at the fish monster next to him. Who knew, the fish monster's eyes opened suddenly. Wen Lang got startled and felt like his hands and feet have turned numb and he couldn’t feel anything. When he looked up again, the fish monster’s eyes are still closed. Wen Lang’s body shook and he swiped his hands and feet quickly. He caught up with Qin Tan in front of him and pointed upwards vigorously.

Qin Tan saw Wen Lang's movements and immediately looked behind him. He shone the flashlight across the group of fish monsters and sensed that the fish monsters who were calm just now seemed to be moving.

They can’t delay anymore! Qin Tan waved his hands vigorously at the people behind. Everyone realized that something is wrong and speeded up their movements. Lou Fan is about to look back but Qin Tan pulled him up and swam quickly. Lou Fan didn't have time to think about it, so he swam vigorously.

SPLASH! The team members came out from the water one after another. Without saying anything, they hurriedly climbed onto the boat.

"Hurry up!" Wen Lang shouted eagerly, looking behind him from time to time.

Lou Fan climbed onto the boat and realized that the sky looked dim at the moment. It looked a little bit like dusk as if the rain is about to hit.

Seeing everyone has boarded the boat, Qin Tan immediately shouted, "Quickly row the boat and get ashore!"

Behind them, the lake started to churn!

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