Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2408: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 75)

At the villa.

Bai Lian Xin stood in front of a large wardrobe to choose some clothes after taking a shower for the ‘dinner party’.

Since she was going to the dinner party with her father, she had to be the most dazzling person.

She felt that she had gone through hardships that she had never experienced today.

As the saying goes, when extremes come, it will eventually end!

It was a good thing that the owner of the villa had good eyes, so the clothes in the wardrobe were considered top quality.

She chose to wear a light blue tailcoat and impatiently waited for Hua Cai Jin to come back.

“Kou, kou, kou.”  There was a knock that came from the door.  She excitedly went to open it and didn’t forget to add, “So slow!  I’ve been waiting……”

Before she could finish, the one that entered her eyes wasn’t Hua Cai Jin, but rather the male god Qian Si Nai that she couldn’t conquer!

Actually, for Bai Lian Xin, she didn’t have a favourite person in this life.

She was in love with Hua Cai Jin at school because first, Hua Cai Jin could give her the most attention and second, there were no other men that had surprised her at school.

It couldn’t be said that there weren’t any others, it was just that those men were too easy.  If she showed off one day, they would be under her dress the second day.

Not interesting at all!

It was because Hua Cai Jin never answered her that he became her only male god.

But now she was in the end of the world.

For Qian Si Nai to come to her at this time, she felt that it was a good thing.

Seeing the handsome face of the youth, the look in his eyes, and the faint smile on his lips, Bai Lian Xin strangely felt nervous and her heart started beating fast.

But she didn’t know that there were two people hidden in a dark place, silently watching this play!

“Isn’t this classmate Qian?”  She shyly lowered her head and pushed the stray strands of hair behind her ear before saying, “Do you need me for something?”

“Qing Qing wanted me to tell you that Hua Cai Jin was ambushed by an ‘armoured zombie’ at the store and he’s seriously injured.  She wants me to take you to him.”

“He met an ‘armoured zombie’?”  Bai Lian Xin was stunned as she felt very uncomfortable.

If Hua Cai Jin died, she would be in a very dangerous situation again.

What to do?  What to do?  What to do?

She asked herself three times in a row, but she couldn’t find an answer.

A few seconds later, she could only reveal an awkward smile, “You can’t even take care of that zombie, what’s the point of me going!”

“He’s seriously injured, it might……”  Qian Si Nai stood up straight and a faint sparkle appeared in his deep eyes, “Be the final time you see him.”

After experiencing the scene of the four of them working together to kill the zombie, she knew that this ‘armoured zombie’ was very powerful.

If Hua Cai Jin died, her situation would be very dangerous.  But if she went, it wasn’t as simple as being in danger.

It would be like……sending a sheep to the tiger’s mouth!

“I think that I shouldn’t go and cause trouble for you all.”  Bai Lian Xin blinked with her wide eyes, “If something really happens to him, will classmate Qian protect us for him?”

“What you care about is very strange.”  Qian Si Nai gave a shrug before a sharp glow appeared in his deep eyes, “Shouldn’t you feel guilty because he went out to get the things that you wanted?”

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