Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2412: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 79)

Luo Qing Chen didn’t go down to eat when it was dinner time, but rather she walked around these foreign styled villas.

She had felt that something was off as soon as she came in, this feeling didn’t give her a familiar or happy feeling.

Rather……it felt dangerous.

Because she had her doubts, she went to Hua Cai Jin’s room to ask for some details.

As soon as the door opened, she found that he had changed clothes.  Although his face was tired, he also seemed to have adjusted his mood.

“Can I come in and talk?”

“Un.”  Hua Cai Jin came back to his senses and politely made way for Luo Qing Chen, “Of course.”

He poured a cup of fruit tea for her and awkwardly said, “I didn’t have time to collect supplies, so don’t look down on me.”

“No.”  Luo Qing Chen took a sip, “It’s very good.”

“That’s good!”  Hua Cai Jin revealed a faint smile and said, “Classmate Luo, did you come see me for something?  If it’s about Bai Lian Xin, you don’t need to say anything.  I now know that there’s no cure for that.”

When it came to Luo Qing Chen, he felt like he was looking up at her.  Like she was a star in the sky that he could only look at and could never reach out to touch.

That kind of……out of reach.

“I think that classmate Hua can take care of that person yourself.”  Luo Qing Chen’s expression changed slightly as she said, “I wanted to ask you about this villa.  Why did you set up this place as a safe zone?”

Luo Qing Chen’s question was a bit abrupt, so Hua Cai Jin was surprised for a long time before knitting his brows to say, “Isn’t it a safe zone because there aren’t any zombies here?”

Luo Qing Chen’s expression changed slightly when she heard this.  She slightly knitted her brows and she tapped the table out of habit with her right hand as she said, “A safe zone isn’t a place without zombies.  In other words, a place without zombies isn’t always a safe zone.”

“What does that mean?”  Hua Cai Jin saw Luo Qing Chen’s knitted brows and strangely felt a bit nervous.  He took a deep breath and said, “Classmate Luo, just say it directly!  I don’t understand if you beat around the bush like this!”

“I talked to an expert about how the apocalypse would develop before the end of the world came.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up and said, “When we came in, I saw that there was something hanging in the dark corner.  I thought that it was a spider or something, but after looking carefully, I realized that it wasn’t.”

“What is it?”  Hua Cai Jin said, “I’ve been outside all day and haven’t looked carefully, I only know that there weren’t any zombies when I came to this villa.”

“A heart……A human heart.”  Luo Qing Chen put her cheek on her left hand, “I also found intestines in the ceiling of the third floor’s right side……”

“What?”  Hua Cai Jin’s expression changed as he said in a surprised voice, “You’re saying that there are zombies here?”

“It should be a third grade or higher zombie……”  Luo Qing Chen thought about it and said, “If I’m not wrong, it shouldn’t be here.  Rather……this should be its shelter.”

It seemed like that with the high population of the city and with all the people dying, the zombies were evolving quickly.

Third grade or higher zombies acted in groups and even found shelters for themselves, along with storing what they considered ‘food’.

“God!  So it’ll be back?”  Hua Cai Jin suddenly stood up and said, “I will immediately tell the others.”

“Wait.”  Luo Qing Chen called out to stop Hua Cai Jin who was quickly walking out, “I have something that I need to do first.  I will guarantee the safety of everyone in the villa except……Bai Lian Xin.”

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