Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2414: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 81)

(I was wrong before, forgive me, alright?  ——Bai Lian Xin)

There was nothing wrong with apologizing first.  She was an arrogant person, being able to speak from below was already her greatest concession.

She thought that Hua Cai Jin would drop this matter since he was always accommodating to her before.

But even after a few minutes, the phone didn’t ring.

Bai Lian Xin was a bit worried and also a bit angry.

She was worried that Hua Cai Jin would really ignore her and she was angry because no one had ever ignored her texts before.

Back at school, everyone had treated her like a little princess.

After the end of the world, she thought that everyone would fight to protect and even fight each other for her.

But not only did this not happen, she was bullied again and again by the lowly Luo Qing Chen.

The reason was because she was a Power User so she was above others?

Ridiculous, ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous!

After another few minutes, Hua Cai Jin still didn’t reply.

Bai Lian Xin couldn’t hold back her anxiety and sent another text to Hua Cai Jin.

(Don’t go too far……we are good friends and family friends.  Doing this is very ugly!  ——Bai Lian Xin)

Since she couldn’t do soft, then it was better to go hard.

Time kept ticking away and Bai Lian Xin paced back and forth in the room holding her phone.

Actually, she was more adapted to this kind of life.  Using her phone where there was a signal, wearing this sexy and beautiful clothing, leaning back on a high end couch.

She was born to live this life and even in the end of the world, she would live this life.

But……Hua Cai Jin didn’t reply to her texts.

Even as danger and death approached bit by bit, he still didn’t pay attention to her.

Some people were very cold and once they didn’t have any feelings for a person, they didn’t care about their life and death.

At half past three in the morning.

A flock of crows flew over the villa and there was a tense atmosphere the filled the air.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t sleep, she just played with her storage space while lying in bed.  When she saw a snack that she liked, she didn’t forget to take a few bites.

The space creation ability really was good in the end of the world.  It had a large capacity and could clearly organize things.

[That is all the system’s work!]

The sudden mechanical voice in her head had scared her and she even almost dropped the sausage in her hand.

Then in order to reward you, I will bring you to see ‘absolute hell on earth’!

After she responded to the system, she looked out the window.

There was a red mist that surrounded the villa and even she felt that this scene was a bit exciting.

In order to follow along with this mood, Luo Qing Chen even took out a dark red cloak and a large hat from the storage space that she used to cover her face.

This atmosphere, this feeling, it really was like being a dark magic world which was strangely exciting.

Going up the eastern stairs, she could see quite a few zombies that were all third grade zombies.

The only fourth grade zombie was in front with a faint green light around its head.

Qian Si Nai’s grandfather had talked about the grading of zombies.  The first to seven grades of zombies would have the reverse order of the rainbow glowing around them.

As for eighth and ninth grade zombies……

Black and gold.

It had to be said, the evolution speed of zombies in this apocalypse far surpassed what she had imagined.

If it wasn’t because she had seen a ninth grade zombies before, she would have definitely been surprised by this fourth grade zombie.

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