Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2426: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 93)

Actually, when he saw him, he already knew that he had changed.

A smile could deceive people, an attitude could deceive people, but in the Qian Manor, eyes couldn’t deceive people.

Because once a person did something unspeakable, their eyes would dim.

That was what his grandfather had told him ten years ago.

“Xiao Nai!  You’ve become this old in the blink of an eye.”  Qian Suan Zi had his hands behind him as he slowly came to the center of the disk before looking up at the red moon in the sky, “I still remember when I brought you to this world, you were still three months old.”

Everyone was stunned by this.

Even Luo Qing Chen, who had always been calm and collected, took a cold breath when she heard Qian Suan Zi’s words.

What did he say?  Could it be that Qian Si Nai wasn’t from this world?

They came from another world?

“Grandfather……is that really you?”  Qian Si Nai’s deep voice trembled a bit as Luo Qing Chen could tell that he was a bit nervous.

“If you do something, you do it, your grandfather won’t deny it.”  Qian Suan Zi stroked his beard, “Can you listen to your grandfather’s story before this?”

Qian Si Nai didn’t reply and looked at Luo Qing Chen.

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes trembled before she slowly released her clenched fists, “Speak.”

She was almost 100% certain that Luo Qing Mian was in Qian Suan Zi’s hands and she was in a dangerous situation.

But right now, she couldn’t do anything other than listen to him talk about the past.

“We aren’t people from this world, we came from the world two hundred years in the future, which is year 2355.”  Qian Suan Zi gave a sigh, “It has been a long time without knowing it.”

Over the next half an hour, Qian Suan Zi described everything.

The twists of this plot was something that normal people couldn’t think through, but Luo Qing Chen’s guess was half right.

That wild guess was half right……

The world two hundred years later experienced an interstellar war, with invaders opening wormholes in the North Pole and using those wormholes to invade Earth.

The people of Earth didn’t have any abilities to resist these interstellar invaders and could only keep retreating.

In less than three days, the entire Earth was conquered by these interstellar invaders, other than A City.

The Qian Manor was the last line of defense for the people of Earth because they had their astrolabe, so they had calculated the weakness of the aliens and their moment of weakness.

But……food was the biggest problem.

They guarded A City and although the aliens couldn’t come in, A City had limited resources and food kept being reduced.  Even if Qian Si Nai’s parents did all they could to get resources, they still couldn’t let everyone trapped inside get something to eat.

The bad roots of human nature appeared.  Those that lived in A City became either rich or poor, they became even more greedy for life.

Without food, there was only death.

So they decided to make a deal with the aliens who still racked their heads to deal with the Qian couple who knew their weakness.

However, if there were people to help them take care of this couple, naturally they were happy to make a deal.

A few days later, some people in A City awakened and they captured the Qian couple who protected them to hand over to the aliens.

These aliens hated them for killing their brothers, so they made them die in a painful manner.

Then the earth completely fell.

Qian Suan Zi at this critical time took the newly born Qian Si Nai to travel two hundred years into the past with the movement of the stars.

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