Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2427: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 94)

“Doesn’t this mean that in the original world, there was no apocalypse and no zombies……”  Hua Cai Jin thought for a bit before realizing something that made goosebumps appear over his body.

This really was terrifying……

“Yes!”  Qian Suan Zi stood there with his hand behind his back as he looked at the red moon in the sky, “I created the end of the world with my own hands.”

When he came to the past with the movement of the stars, he also brought the DNA of the aliens and viruses that existed in the future.

After eighteen years of research, he finally got the key to open this door.

Not only that, he created the ninth grade zombies in the beginning of the apocalypse, making this apocalypse develop faster and faster.

That way the Earth would become strong, that way they would be strong enough to deal with the aliens in two hundred years.

“But what did you capture my little brother for?”  Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath before asking the question that confused her the most.

She could understand this time travel and she could understand why Qian Suan Zi worked so hard to create the end of the world to fight the aliens that came in two hundred years.

But what she couldn’t understand why he captured her little brother!

“A City has already fallen……”  Qian Suan Zi calmly said, “Other than you all, even the people at the villa are already dead.  The safe zone that I created was just a door to hell!  But your little brother……is the one who can close the door.”

The end of the world was the end of the world, before she could kill Bai Da Shan, he had already been killed by zombies.

The brutality and ruthlessness of this place was more terrifying than she imagined……

She finally had some understanding of why Qian Suan Zi captured Luo Qing Mian.


“Whether my little brother will close the door or not……I have the final say.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes and said, “I like Qian Si Nai, I can stand on his side and do what you want to do, so my little brother will not become a stumbling block for you.”

“Qing Qing.”

Qian Su Nai clearly didn’t expect Luo Qing Chen to say that she ‘liked’ him in this situation.

There was a strange warm current that slowly flowed into his heart.

Luo Qing Chen’s clear eyes seriously looked at Qian Suan Zi.  If she had experienced this kind of thing, she might do the same thing as Qian Suan Zi.

But the only difference was that she wouldn’t harm innocent people.

She could not save people, but she couldn’t kill people or the kind hearted people in this world would be too lonely.

“No.”  Qian Suan Zi shook his head, “What we say doesn’t count.”

As soon as his voice fell, he raised his right hand.  Eight ninth grade zombies lined up behind him and other than the ninth grade zombies, there was Bai Lian Xin who became a fifth grade zombie and also……her little brother.

Her little brother covered in blood……

There were strange round steel nails that were inserted into his body and blood no longer seemed to flow.  Those clear and beautiful eyes were already firmed closed.

“Xiu.”  Luo Qing Chen pulled out the Phoenix Dance Sword from the storage space without another word and looked at Qian Suan Zi with burning eyes as she said, “I will take back everything that I just said.”

No one could treat her brother like this, no one could hurt Luo Qing Mian like this.

She said that she would protect her little brother, even if she used all the abilities that weren’t from this world, she would protect him.

No one could hurt him!

No!  One!  At!  All!

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