Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2428: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 95)

“Because he’s alive, all high level zombie energy cores will enter his body.  No matter who kills the zombies, they will always enter his body!”  Qian Suan Zi raised his brows and said, “This world will never grow like this!  Once the energy cores in his body reach a certain point, the apocalypse will end!”

She didn’t want to say anything after hearing Qian Suan Zi’s words.  She raised the Phoenix Dance Sword and charged out at this old man.

There was a killing intent that filled the air as the ninth grade zombies behind him entered an absolute fighting stance.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes.  The Exquisite Ring crossed the dark red sky and formed a dazzling glow.

“Kill her.”  With these words from Qian Suan Zi, the ninth grade zombies charged at her.

“Space and time freeze.”

The surrounding area froze after this.  She raised the Phoenix Dance Sword in her hand to kill three zombies as soon as possible, taking out their energy cores.

Because these zombies were too strong, even when she froze time, she couldn’t kill them all.

There wasn’t enough time……

When the time freeze was about to stop, Luo Qing Chen hugged her brother and brought him back to her side.

Then everything went back to normal.

This time, it wasn’t Luo Qing Chen who was surprised, but Qian Suan Zi who started everything.

There were three golden energy cores in the air, but she who had killed the zombies wasn’t the owner of these energy cores.

A few seconds later, the energy cores all headed towards Luo Qing Mian and entered his body.

“How is this possible……How is this possible……”  Qian Suan Zi looked at Luo Qing Chen in disbelief.  How had she killed three ninth grade zombies in a single second!  How had she done this!

The old man who had been confident revealed a shocked look on his face.

There were such powerful people in this world.  Why didn’t they appear two hundred years later!  That way his son and daughter in law wouldn’t have been killed!”

“You can freeze space and time, right!”  Qian Si Nai’s deep eyes slowly turned to look at her with a faint sparkle in them.

With the reflection of the stars, it looked so beautiful.

“What?  Impossible!  Absolutely impossible!”  Qian Suan Zi desperately shook his head, “This kind of legendary power won’t appear in the end of the world!  It’s impossible to awaken this kind of ability!”

“Of course it’s impossible.”  Luo Qing Chen handed her little brother to Hua Cai Jin before looking up with her cold eyes, “But when did I say that I was from this world?”

“Who are you!  Who are you!”  Qian Suan Zi almost went crazy.  This was the ninth grade zombie that he was proud of, how could they die like this in a single second!

No one could accept this!

“I am the bug in this game!”  Luo Qing Chen looked at Qian Suan Zi, “You can’t kill my little brother……you’ve already lost.”

“No!  I won’t lose!”  Qian Suan Zi gave a crazy laugh, “This world must become stronger, it must change!  Humans shouldn’t exist, not a single one!  So what if there are Power Users!  They need physical strength, so once they fight for a long time, they will die!  Only zombies can deal with the aliens from two hundred years in the future!”

“He, he……Two hundred years in the future?”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes, “What does that matter to me?”

She might have hurt Qian Si Nai and his parents when she said this, but she had to say it!

Qian Si Nai softly took her hand before holding it tight.  He kept looking at Qian Suan Zi as he said, “Grandfather, give up!  You’ve already accomplished your goal……”

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