Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2429: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 96)

Qian Suan Zi looked at Qian Si Nai with piercing eyes, “No!  My goal hasn’t been achieved yet!”

As long as there were humans in this world, then his goal hadn’t been accomplished yet.

The selfishness, cowardness, ignorance, and stupidity of humans would always remind him that they were not worthy of living in this world.

“So?”  Hua Cai Jin knitted his brows and said, “Are you going to kill everyone here?”

“No!  Not kill!”  Qian Suan Zi gave a meaningful shake of his head, “I will only turn you into zombies!”

Only zombies could be controlled by him.  Those truly powerful things that didn’t need to eat, drink, and had all the energy in the world were worthy of living in this world.

“You are crazy.”  Hu Cai Jin looked at the bloodied Luo Qing Mian who had three ninth grade zombie cores that couldn’t open his eyes.  He pointed at Qian Suan Zi and said, “We are Power Users, we are born to fight the zombies and restrain each other.  Based on your ideas, we are not enemies!”

“You are wrong.”  Qian Suan Zi said with a smirk, “You all are the most terrifying creatures in this world.  Humans are evil by nature, but they are also weak.  But you are different, you are powerful and you do not have any loyalty.”

That was the reason he couldn’t let any Power Users exist in this world, let alone Lu Qing Mian who could do something like this.

“You’re right!  We don’t have any loyalty.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes to look at Qian Suan Zi.  There was a flash of killing that appeared in her eyes, “But why should we be loyal to you?”

Perhaps in the beginning, she thought that this old man wouldn’t hurt her little brother.

Then she could turn a blind eye to everything that he had been doing.

But this old fool had been filled with his hatred and wanted to exterminate all humans.

Since it was like this, there was nothing to talk about.

“Why, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……Since you are asking me why?”  Qian Suan Zi broke out in laughter as he said, “Because I am the one who will dominate this world, only I can fight the aliens in the future.”

“This uncle……”  Luo Qing Chen interrupted Qian Suan Zi’s delusional thoughts and said with a cold laugh, “You have to live another two hundred years first.”

An ordinary person was foolishly thinking that he could live two hundred years and change the fate of the Qian Family’s couple, using the zombies to resist the aliens.

He really was delusional.

After her voice fell, the area fell to silence.

Qian Suan Zi actually gave her an applause.

“So that’s why your little brother must die.”  His seemingly kind eyes suddenly turned deep and there was an unknown ruthless determination in those deep eyes.

“So that’s why I have to bring my zombie army to two hundred years in the future, I need the key to open the movement of the stars.”  He coldly looked up at Luo Qing Mian who was close to dying, “It’s your little brother’s energy core.”

When Qian Suan Zi said the most crucial point, everyone seemed to understand that everything from before was just foreshadowing.

What absorbing energy cores, what changing the world, what advancing the end of the world……

These were just trivial reasons.

Qian Suan Zi’s real purpose was to take a round trip back to two hundred years in the future.

The key to starting that trip was Luo Qing Mian’s energy core.

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