Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2430: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 97)

“The people that I protect, as long as I don’t die, they won’t die.”  Luo Qing Chen pulled the Exquisite Ring off her right hand and slammed it down on the ground.

There was a dazzling golden light that surrounded them.  She turned her eyes that didn’t have any trace of warmth to look at Qian Suan Zi to say, “You can bring your entire army of zombies!  If I take even a single step back, it’s my loss.”

Her heart had become a burning flame at this time.  This Qian Suan Zi had become so unbearable in her eyes.

For his goal, he didn’t care about the methods.

How was this different from the people giving the Qian couple to the aliens to survive two hundred years in the future?

It had to be said, this was the difference between him and her.

At least she would never hurt innocent people to achieve her goals.  Like the group of people she met at the supermarket at the beginning.

Even if they spoke out, even if they liked talking to her from the moral high ground.

She had still brought them away with her.

But Qian Suan Zi was different.  For his goal, he didn’t hesitate to use his powers to penetrate Luo Qing Mian’s bones, making him unable to use his powers.

She couldn’t accept this, let alone let it go!

“You can’t win……”  Qian Suan Zi revealed a faint smile, “There are almost no Power Users in this world.  The so-called ‘safe zones’ that I’ve set up were to kill Power Users, not to protect humans.  After all, all humans deserve to die!”

“Enough.”  There was a cold and angry roar that had a trace of helplessness.

Qian Si Nai’s deep eyes were dull and because the sky was dark, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t see what expression he had.

The temperature around her dropped bit by bit as he tightly held her hand.

“I will stop you.”  He firmly said, “Because I will protect her and the people she protects.”

“Xiao Nai!”  Qian Suan Zi hit the golden cane in his hand on the ground as he looked at him and said, “What nonsense are you saying!  Your grandfather is protecting the Qian Manor and your parents!”

It was when Qian Suan Zi said this that Luo Qing Chen truly understood what Qian Si Nai would be betraying if he stood on her side.

His family……his grandfather……his parents……

Some people’s sacrifices would be silently placed in their hearts.  When those star like eyes looked up again, he already had an answer in his heart.

“I remember that when I was young, you told me that as someone who observes the stars, you have to remember one thing.”  His eyes were deep as he looked at Qian Suan Zi and said word for word, “It was that everyone in this world has their own fate and we can’t change it even if we know it.”

“How does this contradict the things that I’m doing now?”  Qian Suan Zi clenched his fists and said, “Your parents shouldn’t have died!  If it wasn’t for those selfish and petty humans, they wouldn’t have died!”

“Right!  They wouldn’t have died.”  Qian Si Nai’s beautiful eyes had a sparkle in them as he said, “But what you are doing now is changing the fate of everyone in the world.  In order to defend against the alien invasion, you let them experience the end of the world two hundred years earlier……”

“Stop!”  Qian Suan Zi’s expression became more and more agitated as he couldn’t control his emotions anymore and shouted, “The things that I’ve already decided can’t be changed!  Xiao Nai, think clearly, we are saving your parents!”

“I don’t care if the lives of all the people in this world are used to save my parents.”  His cold eyes looked forward with an obsessed expression as he softly said, “But not her.”

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