Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2433: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 100)

“Xiao Nai!”  Qian Suan Zi angrily roared out, as if he could tell what Qian Si Nai wanted to do.  His piercing eyes suddenly became even more terrifying.

Every member of the Qian Family had a special ability.  They could only the space and time path, as well as closing the space and time path.

In this chaotic time, he was an extra person.

When Qian Suan Zi opened the space and time path before, he came to two hundred years ago.  This already went against the heavenly way and the original space had already collapsed, so some people couldn’t go back.

Then let’s have him end everything!

“Qian Si Nai, stop messing around, we still have a chance……”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t concentrate on anything as this scene gave her a kind of feeling.

That she was about to lose something……

Whether it was Qian Si Nai or Luo Qing Mian, she felt that she would lose something.

“Fool, we don’t have a chance.”  He gently raised his hand to pat her head, “I think that Qing Mian should have seen the future.  We don’t need you to make a choice.”

Qian Si Nai knew that once he and Hua Cai Jin couldn’t resist the attacks of the zombies anymore, Luo Qing Mian’s energy core would be taken by his grandfather.

Then, no one would be able to change how this world developed.

Maybe it will become as powerful as Qian Suan Zi said, maybe it would only become a ruthless world in the end.

But no matter what, many people will die and it was better for him to face it alone.

“Big sister……”  Luo Qing Mian used all his strength to pull at her sleeve as he said in a weak voice, “Give me to him, you will all live!  If you don’t hand me over, we will all die……”

He didn’t want to die, he always wanted to stay by his big sister’s side.  The end of the world wasn’t cruel to him, but rather lucky.

Because it allowed him to see everything in the world, seeing the big sister he loved the most.

His big sister never would have known how happy he was when he used his powers to save her……

Finally, he wasn’t a burden that would make his big sister worry.

Finally, he could be like a hero, firmly standing in front of her.

But for this good fortune, he never thought that the price for becoming strong would be……death.

“I’m like your big sister, I will protect you.”  Qian Si Nai moved the big hand on Luo Qing Chen’s head to Luo Qing Mian’s head, gently patting him as well.

“Big brother……listen to me……”

“There’s no time.”  Qian Si Nai looked at the full moon that had already turned red before turning back to say, “No matter what, you will appear in that time.  Protect your big sister, got it?”

“Qian Si Nai!”  Luo Qing Chen seemed to have sense the parting of life and death.

Her hands suddenly grabbed his wrist as she said, “Just take it as me begging you, Qian Si Nai.  Let’s fight to the end together, alright!”

Why should there be parting of life and death, what was different from dying together?

She didn’t understand and definitely couldn’t accept it.

But then Qian Si Nai’s gentle and wide palm covered her eyes.  There was a faint blue light that flashed in front of her that was a bit cold.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know what Qian Si Nai was doing.  She just knew that the sounds around her became fainter until they completely disappeared.

There was no blood, no killing, no sound, and no death……

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