Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2434: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 101)

Qian Si Nai stood in the center of the star chart and ice started to scatter around him, making a ‘zi zi’ sound.

The full red moon shined down on Qian Si Nai.  His eyes were cold as ink as his final gaze was of that girl whose eyes were closed and had a face as cold as frost.

The end seemed to be coming.

The time and space path relying on the movement of the stars could be opened with the powers of the Qian Family.  If you wanted to return to the beginning, other than having the key energy core, it required the blood of the Qian Family.

In other words, their life.

When Qian Suan Zi opened the space and time path, he used the life of his younger brother, who was Qian Si Nai’s great uncle.

Qian Si Nai didn’t know about this until the day he saw the records of the Qian Family.  Blood could open the space and time path relying on the movement of the stars.

But whether it was the future or the past, he didn’t know anything.

He thought that it was just the Qian Family’s legend.  He didn’t know that he was a person who came from another time.

Thinking about it now, everything seemed predestined.

The obsessions in his grandfather’s heart were already deeply ingrained.  He hated the ignorant humans and wanted to change this dirty world.

He thought that it was those stupid humans who harmed the Qian Family, harmed the son and daughter in law he always protected.

Obsessions formed from his heart demon and grief.

But for Qian Si Nai, as long as Luo Qing Chen lived, then everything was worth it.

“Be good.  You have to be a gentle girl so that people won’t fall madly in love with you.  If there is another life, please don’t remember me……”  His cool voice rang by her ears, as all the memories about him disappeared from her mind bit by bit.

She didn’t have time to react as all the scenes had disappeared.

Memory was like cotton, it died with just a bit of frost.

Before forgetting him, she couldn’t help laughing at herself.  It turned out that his other ability was making people forget their memories.

It really……was a bit ruthless……

“Big brother, you can’t do this.”  Luo Qing Mian saw that the sky became much darker and the zombies attacking them had all stopped.

Although Hua Cai Jin was seriously injured, he still used all his strength to get Qian Si Nai off the star chart.

But no matter what, he still stood there in the middle without moving.  His eyes had always been looking at Luo Qing Chen.

This was a look of farewell.  How he wanted to hug her, but he had to leave.

Where was he going?  Death?  If it was death, then he and she would never meet again!

He was suddenly a bit shaken.  He should have hugged her a bit more because he probably wouldn’t be able to hug her again in this life!

He felt that without experiencing a heart warming day, their time was very short.  There was only fighting and killing.

If this life could restart, he would have resolutely held her hand in the beginning.

In that warm time, everything would have been good.

A pity, a pity, a pity……

There wasn’t a chance……

Qian Suan Zi’s legs turned soft as he fell down.  He naturally knew what Qian Si Nai wanted to do and those piercing eyes turned old.

He was old and so was his heart.

He never thought that Qian Si Nai would have someone and that person that he had would be this close to the ‘key’.

Looking at the dim sky brightening bit by bit, he suddenly felt a bit of regret.

If, if he promised not to kill Luo Qing Mian and take out his energy core, would everything be different!

But no one could answer this question for him……

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