Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2436: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 103)

Luo Qing Chen saw his sinking eyes and said with a faint smile, “Who says you can’t!  Come with your own abilities, big sister is waiting.”


Those beautiful eyes were best when they were lit up.


She gave a nod as her eyes had a smile the entire time.

On Monday morning, the students would arrive at school early.  There weren’t many people in Class A, only around twenty people, but there were at least forty desks.

But they were mainly empty……

“Come, come, come, students, help stack the tables in five rows and put them by the back blackboard.”  The teacher came to the podium and waved his ruler as he announced the tasks.

Luo Qing Chen packed her things and slowly stood up as her eyes fell onto a table by the window.

The table was very clean and under the sunlight, it seemed like a brand new table.

She looked at it and stepped forward, planning to move the table when an elegant face with fair skin, deep eyes, long lashes, and short silver hair appeared in front of her.

No matter how she looked at him, he was like a young man that came out a comic.

“Woah.”  There were excited voices that came from around as whispers slowly entered her ears.

“Young master Jin is helping Qing Chen?  Why do I feel that this seems right!”

“Right, right!  A talented couple, I’m even a bit excited.”

“Wa!  Young master Jin always gives off an elegant and gentle feel, so envious!  People with good grades are different, they can easily capture the hearts of male gods!”

“Could it be that you want to become a poor person just to get good grades?”

“What’s the matter!  Money can be earned, but grades can’t be earned with hard work!”

“Eh!  This seems to make sense……”


“This classmate, let me!  Girls shouldn’t move heavy things.”  Hua Cai Jin lowered his head slightly to look at Luo Qing Chen with a gentle look.

She didn’t look up and held two corners of the desk until her fingers turned white.  Then she looked up with a faint smile and said, “Let’s do it together!”

Hua Cai Jin was surprised before revealing a faint smile, “Alright.”

“Wa, wa, wa, this old man’s young girl’s heart!”

“Could it be……there’s a story?”

“Ha, ha!  It must be the story of a desk and a chair!”

“Envious, envious!  Jealous, jealous!  Together, together!”


Everyone kept jeering, but Luo Qing Chen didn’t care at all.

Her face was calm and her pure face had a faint smile the entire time which made everyone in the class like her.

Because of her good looks, because of her good grades, because her smile was very beautiful.

Even if she wasn’t rich, even if she didn’t have power, they still liked her.

The third class in the afternoon was English.

The sky was foggy and it was like there would be a thunderstorm.

Her mom seemed to have reminded them to bring umbrellas, but she had forgotten about it when she left.

“Qing Chen, Qing Chen……”  A low voice rang out before the classmate on the right patted her arm and handed her a folded white note, “The school hunk is giving this to you!”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised at first before giving a nod, “Thank you.”

When she opened the note, she saw that the writing was powerful and beautiful.

It was as if as long as you saw this writing, you would think of Hua Cai Jin.  It fit him that much.

(You seemed to have forgotten your umbrella, do you want to walk home together tonight?  ——Hua Cai Jin)

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