Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2455: Side story: Endless darkness, side by side with you (Part 1)

Light cannot stop, love cannot stop, I broke through the darkness to see you with eyes filled with tears.  ——Qian Si Nai

Since I could understand things, I knew that I was different from other people.

Because my family studied the stars, divination, and feng shui.

I didn’t understand when I was young why I had to observe the stars all day and build all kinds of instruments.

It was only after growing up that I knew that everything he talked about was a kind of prophecy.

And all prophecies came true.

Since junior high, I have been dazzling.  Grandfather thought that this would reveal our identity, so I started hiding myself.

At first I didn’t understand why I did this meaningless thing, but three months before the end of the world, grandfather told me that the world was ending.

January 1st, 2151, the tolling of the bell on New Years would be the sign of death.

I used three months to start preparing and collecting all the supplies I needed.

But I never thought that I would meet someone similar.

We were classmates, but I never paid attention to this person.  There were many vain people in class, so naturally they didn’t notice my disguise.

What caught my attention was her words: None of our names would appear.

The way she had said it so frankly made me feel that she knew about the end of the world.

But how was that possible?  After all, no one could know about this other than an expert like grandfather.

Even if I had some doubts, I still remembered her name!

Luo Qing Chen.

When I got home, I told grandfather about this.  He was very shocked and immediately calculated her fate.

What surprised grandfather was that her fate didn’t appear on the star chart.

According to grandfather’s understanding, all thing in this world, everyone’s fate had been engraved on the star chart from the moment of birth.  A fate that couldn’t be changed unless this fate went against the heavens.

Then why didn’t her fate appear in this star chart?

The doubts lingered on my mind for a long time without dissipating.

I was a paranoid person and once I had my doubts, I would do all I could to solve them.

Later I was grateful for this personality.  After all, if I wasn’t paranoid, I wouldn’t have met such a loving person.

Of course, that was later.

I followed her for an entire day.  She didn’t drive that truck very well, but she did buy many things.

Every time the trunk was filled, when she got off at the next supply point, the trunk would strangely become empty.

Filled and then emptied……

I was shocked at that moment, I didn’t even know how she had done it.

But unless I ruled out the impossibilities, the only impossibility left was the truth.

She had powers and it was a power related to space.

Before the end of the world, this power was named……space creator.

How was this possible?  The end of the world hadn’t come yet and zombies hadn’t appeared either, so there was no need for abilities to go against them.

But…..everything she did was the ability of a space Power User.

I decided then that I had to meet her.  At least if the end of the world came, she would be a very powerful person.

Becoming allies was never wrong!

Later I kept thinking, why did only the simple term ‘allies’ come to my mind.

If we could have had a different relationship at that time, would we have had a few more happy days together……

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