Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2456: Side story: Endless darkness, side by side with you (Part 2)

I brought her back to the Qian Manor to see grandfather.

Grandfather was very excited, this was my first time seeing him this excited in all these years.

I became even more certain that Luo Qing Chen was powerful and that she had to become our ally!

Of course, there was a strange feeling of admiration.

Actually, maybe I already liked her at that time, but I didn’t know about it.

I thought that she would be with me before the end of the world.  I thought that with the Qian Manor as a center, we would gather power, gathering the Power Users into an alliance while saving mankind.

Of course, I wasn’t that passionate about saving mankind, I was just doing it.

But I never thought that she would not only not come with me, she would even cut off communications.

Before awakening my power, I couldn’t leave the Qian Manor.  Even if my physique was strong, I was a piece of trash with less than five battle power in front of the zombies!

I could only look for Power Users through the Qian Manor’s command center!

But because it was too early, there weren’t many Power Users in A City.

The few of them based on gender couldn’t be her.

From then on, I knew that there was her place in my heart.

That kind of worry was something that I had never felt before, but I was happy that I could have this kind of emotion.

Liking a person was a wonderful thing.  It would affect all your emotions and make you unable to be yourself.

I felt this way at that time because I left the Qian Manor before I even awakened my powers.

To be honest, I felt that I was crazy……

The reason for doing this was because I knew that I was a Power User.  Grandfather was someone who was a prophet, so it wasn’t surprising that he knew that I was a Power User ahead of time.

That included how to quickly awaken my powers……

There was only one answer, put yourself in danger that was close to the edge of death.

Although this process was dangerous and difficult, I had awakened my powers.  Ice and water powers.

When I awakened my powers, I created a bloody path, looking for her.

It was a good thing that phones still worked and I found her position.

When we met again, there was a feeling of separation.

It was because the last time we met was before the end of the world, everyone had felt so peaceful then.

This time, we were trapped in a small space with the strange square dancing music around us which made people irritable.

But I had already awakened my powers, so it was easy for me to deal with the second grade zombies.

When I quickly took care of the zombies, I suddenly felt the male lead halo around me.

Actually, I had always been worried that when I killed the zombies, I wasn’t handsome enough!

But she didn’t seem to care that much.

After taking care of the zombies, she didn’t choose to go to the Qian Manor with me, but rather she went to Century Square.

I didn’t know why she was going there, but that didn’t matter.  Anyway, now that I had awakened my powers, it wasn’t hard to protect her.

Halfway there, a youth called Chen Bing went home and kept thanking her when he left.

I suddenly admired this human.  In this dangerous apocalypse, he chose not to follow a Power User like me and chose to be with his family.

Family lived and died together.

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