Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2460: God! Mary Sue world (Part 2)

After accepting the memories, Luo Qing Chen stated that this was a super Mary Sue story that relied on counterattacking with her own “absolute advantage”.

It was a pity that the previous host wasn’t a Mary Sue, but rather she was the little princess in the so-called ‘Cinderella’ story.

In other words, she had a good face, a good status, and a good family!

Everything was good, but the male lead didn’t love her, the supporting male lead didn’t love her.  The people she liked never loved her.

Even if she released a bright halo, it would be taken away by the powerful Mary Sue halo.

Her simple actions would make the male lead and supporting male lead feel that she was special, strong, and kind.

But actually, this kind of person would always stand on the moral high ground and say self righteous things.

The previous host was ruined by a Mary Sue because her character had been selfish in front of the powerful Mary Sue.

The previous host was the daughter of a jewelry tycoon in A City.  Her father was the chairman and her mother was a well known jewelry designer.

Because of her family, the previous host had dressed up as a princess and grew up under the spotlight.

At the age of seventeen, she made a cameo in a movie and became the best newcomer actress.

Because of her outstanding performance and top quality clothes, she was called a “walking hangar” and the “most beautiful newcomer without any makeup”......

With such a smooth path to stardom, naturally the previous host became a bit proud and gave people the feeling of a little princess.

Therefore, the previous host’s fiance, the supporting male lead Jin Yi Xuan didn’t like the previous host.

It was a marriage between their families.

Jin Yi Xuan had always been indifferent to the previous host.  He didn’t like this engagement and didn’t want to be bound by it.

As the successor of the Jin Group, he believed that he had the right to choose true love and true love definitely wasn’t with the previous host.

The previous host had always liked Jin Yi Xuan since she first saw him when they were younger.  She was an obsessed person and she would always like the person she fell in love with.

Even if the person didn’t like her, she would work hard until she was good enough.

When she radiated enough dazzling light, Jin Yi Xuan would look at her.

But she was wrong……

No matter how hard she tried, Jin Yi Xuan never looked at her.

Rather, he looked at the supporting female lead Gu Fan Fan.

A person who had an incomparably powerful ‘Mary Sue aura’.

The Star Group that the previous host signed with was the biggest talent group in the entertainment circle.  Those that entered this company, not a single one of them didn’t become popular.

Perhaps they might have been cut out of the limelight as time passed, but they had been popular before.

Right now the previous host was popular.  The first class director Xiao An decided to make a drama based on the popular writer Seven Seven Sleepless’ “To Our Simple Youth”!

The previous host was the only choice for the male lead in his mind.

After several negotiations, the previous host decided to play the female lead Xia Qi Qi.

On the day of the auditions, there were auditions for the supporting female lead and supporting cast.

Since it was a story about youth, the requirement for the supporting cast wasn’t low.  But this film was filled with big stars and those that wanted to join the entertainment industry naturally wouldn’t miss this chance.

The supporting female lead Gu Fan Fan came for an audition……as part of the supporting cast.

But before she even got to the audition stage, she had sprinkled coffee on the special expensive coat that the previous host had prepared just for this audition in a bout of nervousness.

The previous host roared out, “What are you doing, are you even looking at where you’re going?”

This scene and these words had been heard and seen by the supporting male lead Jin Yi Xuan.

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