Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2462: God! Mary Sue world (Part 4)

The previous host never would have thought that after angrily leaving the auditions, she would lose the role of female lead of “Youth”.

She really was angry.  Gu Fan Fan didn’t do it on purpose, but this was something that she treasured.

Actually, she didn’t have her pay for it, she just couldn’t smile and say it was fine.

If it was just her hand that was burnt, she wouldn’t even have cared about Gu Fan Fan.

She admitted that she was arrogant, but that didn’t mean that she was unreasonable.

But the Mary Sue thought that this rich young miss was trying to make it hard for her.

Because this kind of person would always stand on a moral high point and think that the rich young miss could only deliberately bully her, putting herself in an aloof position.

She didn’t think that this rich young miss would care about anything.  In her eyes, the rich young miss had money and could just buy another thing to replace the one that broke.

Although Mary Sue didn’t have money, she could work hard to pay back the money.

But some people never would have known that if you pay attention and be careful, not pouring coffee on someone else, would someone care about targeting you?

For Gu Fan Fan, her thoughts were: I have already apologized and I can compensate you for your clothes and medical bills.  I can earn the money if I don’t have any, so what else do you want from me!

Yes!  The previous host really couldn’t do anything to her.

So when the director of “Youth” decided to listen to Jin Yi Xuan’s bold advice and use the newcomer Gu Fan Fan, the previous host had been stunned……

On one hand, she blamed herself for being arrogant and missing her chance.

On the other hand, she hated Gu Fan Fan even more.  If it wasn’t for Gu Fan Fan spilling coffee on her, she wouldn’t have angrily left the auditions.

So when Gu Fan Fan entered the Star Group, she hated seeing her the most!

The previous host was a person who hated evil and she had a relatively straight personality.  There were many ways to hated people, but the previous host used the most simple and direct method.

But she didn’t know that the powerful Mary Sue aura pushed her into the endless darkness bit by bit.

Every time the previous host clashed with Gu Fan Fan, it would become the medium that helped the Cinderella relationship between Gu Fan Fan and Jin Yi Xuan develop.

Although Star Group had many people who didn’t like Gu Fan Fan since she didn’t have any background and status, so why did she act so strong.

Even after makeup, she was far lacking compared to the beautiful stars.

But since the launch of “Youth”, Jin Yi Xuan became her escort.

Although she often told Jin Yi Xuan that they weren’t from the same world.

Jin Yi Xuan was a very obsessed person and he would always like what he liked.

The more Gu Fan Fan rejected him, the more the thing that he couldn’t have stirred his heart.

The male and female leads of “Youth” had many kiss scenes and whenever the director yelled “cut”, Jin Yi Xuan would give a few more forceful kisses.

Although this made it seem real, it was a bit too much in the world of youth films……

But Gu Fan Fan didn’t think so.

She gradually fell in love with Jin Yi Xuan through his strong attacks.

In the beginning, she had been feeling worried about stealing the previous host’s female lead spot.

But then she felt that with her own hard work, she had won it.

Laughable, truly laughable……

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