Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2464: God! Mary Sue world (Part 6)

Facts proved that the entertainment industry was cruel.

It could make you famous overnight, feeling the pleasure of holding everything in your hand, but it could also shatter you to pieces overnight.

A few months later, the previous host gradually faded from the entertainment industry.  She knew in her heart that she didn’t just lose a character, she lost Jin Yi Xuan.

Because of love, she became humble.

She hated Gu Fan Fan in her heart, but what use was that?

The girl had the Mary Sue aura and every time she was in trouble, a knight would come and protect her.

She didn’t need to do bad things because she was lucky.

But the previous host didn’t have this luck.

Whenever she went to the company, she would see Jin Yi Xuan sticking to Gu Fan Fan.

There was also Ye Su who kept helping.  Even when “Youth” hadn’t been broadcasted, Jin Yi Xuan and Gu Fan Fan’s coupling had been in everyone’s hearts.

With the many promotions and Jin Yi Xuan’s bold confession, the fans became fans of this coupling.

Moreover, they were named the ‘Fan Xuan’ couple with the slogan, unwilling to be ordinary and high spirited.

The previous host could accept the role of Xia Qi Qi going to someone else, but she couldn’t give Jin Yi Xuan to someone else.

Her obsession made her announce to everyone at the press conference of “Youth” that she was Jin Yi Xuan’s fiancee and Gu Fan Fan was a third party.

However, how could Jin Yi Xuan who was already dazzled by love allow the previous host bully the one person in his heart.

At the press conference, Jin Yi Xuan took Gu Fan Fan in his embrace and announced to everyone that Gu Fan Fan was his favourite.

The overwhelming amount of rumours pressed down on the previous host.

“The mistress wants to jump over the wife, stand there and get slapped!”

“This slap really is amazing……”

“It’s like the evil supporting female lead in dramas!  Kind people will always be seen by the prince!”

“Long live the Fan Xuan couple!”


They never would have known that this was the final straw that crushed the previous host……

The previous host’s position as the wife was stolen, but the Mary Sue’s aura was never just this.

Gu Fan Fan not only took the previous host’s job and position with her halo, she also took her mother.

It turned out that Gu Fan Fan was the previous host’s mother’s daughter from her childhood lover.

But because this man was put in jail for gambling and loan sharking, she had no choice but to marry Luo Xiao who chased her back then.

Luo Xiao was very good to her, so he loved the previous host very much.

But the previous host’s mother Ye Si Yao felt guilty towards Gu Fan Fan and after learning that she was her daughter, she wanted Gu Fan Fan to join the Luo Family.

Luo Xiao loved his wife and although Luo Qing Chen wasn’t happy, he agreed to Ye Si Yao’s request.

Naturally the previous host couldn’t accept the person who stole everything from her entering her house.

The long suppressed resentment in her heart exploded and she stabbed Gu Fan Fan.

Gu Fan Fan didn’t die, but she went to prison.

Actually, when she stabbed Gu Fan Fan, she no longer cared about her own life and death.

For her, nothing seemed to make sense.

When she was in jail, she didn’t cry.

But Luo Xiao cried……

He felt that he had wronged his daughter, the daughter that he wasn’t willing to hit or scold.

In the memories of the previous host, the most touching words were——

“Dad isn’t willing to hand you to another man, but I hurt you like this.”

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