Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2469: God! Mary Sue world (Part 11)

Standing in front of the mirror, she chose a limited edition Givenchy winter coat, Cartier jewelry, fine makeup, and a LV bag that suited her very well.

Everything was ready and she headed out at nine.

Since it was a talent agency, there weren’t that many people at work during work hours.  If they weren’t there for late shootings, they were there to record shows.

The world of stardom wasn’t as easy as normal people thought.  There wasn’t a lack of effort under the spotlight.

Of course, there were those with the Mary Sue aura.

Even if the previous host was from a rich family, she relied on her own efforts to climb up step by step in the entertainment world.

She was someone who could act and worked very hard.

It was because she knew of the previous host’s hard work that Luo Qing Chen looked down on those with the Mary Sue aura in this world.

In their world, it was 20% hard work and 80% luck.

Whenever something went wrong, there would be one, two, three, or four who loved her that would appear by her side.

Men would love her and women appreciated her.

Compared to this kind of life, Luo Qing Chen preferred the previous host’s life.

Perhaps she was selfish and angry.

But at least she did things with her own effort.

Parking the Maserati, she got on the elevator on the B2 floor.  The elevator stopped on the first floor and when the door opened, she saw Jin Yi Xuan standing there.

Yo!  It seems like enemies really did meet on a narrow path.

She still couldn’t figure out how to make her debut and she had already met Jin Yi Xuan.。

But this was good since she was very satisfied with her outfit today.

The black sunglasses covered most of her face and her expressions couldn’t be seen clearly.  Her red lips looked noble and cold.

When Jin Yi Xuan saw her, his calm expression suddenly turned ice cold.。

Normally, the previous host would give up her young miss personality and grab his hand, speaking to him in a gentle manner.

Even when faced with an ice cold rejection, she didn’t flinch.

Jin Yi Xuan in her eyes was everything, everything, everything……

Jin Yi Xuan stopped there, as if he wanted to keep his distance.

Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort and when he hesitated, she did something decisive.

She just stepped forward without any expression and her right hand slowly came out of her red jacket, pressing one of the elevator’s buttons.

Close the door.

Then the elevator door slowly closed.  Luo Qing Chen put her hand back in her pocket and indifferently looked at Jin Yi Xuan outside the elevator through her large sunglasses.

Jin Yi Xuan was frozen in place.  This feeling was like having a mother that always loved you suddenly give your favourite buns to the son next door.

This contrast was the most unacceptable thing for a man.

Whenever Luo Qing Chen saw him in the past, she would charge forward and keep chatting in his ears.

Her voice was very beautiful, but he felt that it was annoying.  He even hated the faint scent of perfume that she had.

This feeling was one that annoyed people to their core.

But Luo Qing Chen changed today……

Was she acting?

He didn’t know.

But he still reacted and pressed the elevator button again.

When the door opened, Luo Qing Chen was lazily leaning against the handrail in the elevator.

Her hands were in her pocket as she looked at him with indifference.

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