Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2484: God! Mary Sue world (Part 26)

She replied with a chuckle, “This is the least you can do as a person.  There aren’t many kind people in the world, at least you can make them not feel lonely.”

Then with a ‘xiu’ sound, there was a long Lincoln that appeared in front of her.

System, could it be that kind people suffer?


System, why aren’t you saying anything?  You’re pretending to be dead when you’re in danger?


In the end, four burly men came out and the system still didn’t give her a single response.

“Hello!  Miss Luo, the young master has sent us to pick you up.”

“Young master?”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “Who is your young master?”

“Young master Gong Yu Bai.”


After leaving the hospital, it took around half an hour’s drive to arrive at a villa in wine country.

Gong Yu Bai was in a white bathroom with a 82 Lafite in hand, standing in front of the window with slightly knitted brows.

Luo Qing Chen, Luo Qing Chen, Luo Qing Chen……

This name was so familiar.  In his dream, there was a girl with the name Luo Qing Chen who kept appearing.

Every time he wanted to see her face, he would strangely wake up from the dream.

In order to answer the questions in his heart, he went to film “Apocalypse 2150”.

He didn’t know why he had this strange dream, but he couldn’t forget the scene of their first meeting on the plane.

When he gave her the pen, he felt strangely nervous.

He had never……felt this way before.

The South Pole plan was cancelled and he went to face this twenty year old dream.

“Di, di.”

The Lincoln arrived at the manor and she felt a bit strange when four large men bowed to her at the same time.

“The young master is waiting upstairs for the miss Luo, please go that way.”

“Un, thank you.”

Along the way, Luo Qing Chen was deep in thought!

Un!  Serious thought!

Whether it was dropping the pen on the plane, saving the girl from a heart attack, or when they got off the plane……

She never got an affection notification from the system.

Then there was the problem!

Since Gong Yu Bai didn’t have any affection for her, why would he invite her to his villa?


Villa!  This was Santiago!  Gong, Gong, Gong……Why did Gong Yu Bai have a villa here!

Even if his net worth had increased because of “Apocalypse 2150”, he couldn’t be this rich because of a single film!

She could accept a domestic villa, but she couldn’t accept him having a villa where the plane landed, alright?

Luo Qing Chen suddenly looked up.  The large man had just opened the door to the third floor master bedroom and she saw Gong Yu Bai’s back facing her.

“Young master, miss Luo is here.”

“Un, you can leave!”


The door to the master bedroom was closed.

Gong Yu Bai turned around with a calm look and a sparkle in his deep eyes as he looked at Luo Qing Chen, “I’ve long heard your name.”

“Same, same.”  Luo Qing Chen immediately replied, “God Yu’s fame in the entertainment industry is a peak that no one can match.”

Business talk, she knew it too!

If you praise me, I’ll praise you.

Luo Qing Chen thought that Gong Yu Bai would reply with praise, but he said something that instantly stunned her.

“I’m not talking about the entertainment industry.  I don’t pay attention to it, it was only on the plane that I found out that you were a star.”  Gong Yu Bai narrowed his deep eyes as he looked at her, “I’m talking about……my dream.”

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