Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2490: God! Mary Sue world (Part 32)

“You……You, you, you……”  Luo Qing Chen gave two coughs as she felt a bit of pain from the wrist he was holding.

But she didn’t care about the pain right now!  The room was so dark that she couldn’t see Gong Yu Bai in front of her.

His magnetic voice rang out in her ear, “I had the same dream last night, I could see the girl clearly.”

Dream?  Could it be what she said about the end of the world.

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes trembled as she said, “You’re talking about……your superpower world?”

“Un.”  He softly replied.  His deep eyes looked at her in the darkness and asked, “Is it you?  Is the person in the dream you?”

She could feel Gong Yu Bai’s slightly trembling right hand that she realized how important this dream that had been with him for twenty years was to him.

The outsiders who called him ‘god Yu’ should have never seen him like this!

“If it isn’t me, would you give me the chance to play the female lead?”  Luo Qing Chen broke the cold atmosphere with a chuckle.

She could feel the other side coming a bit closer.  The faint mint smell from his body suddenly surrounded her.

Luo Qing Chen felt like her heart was in her throat and after a deep breath, she forgot to breathe.

Then she closed her eyes and felt that the ‘storm’ was about to come.

But then with two ‘da, da’ sounds, the lights came on.

“What are you closing your eyes for?”  Gong Yu Bai’s cool voice entered her ears along with a bit of a chuckle.

“I……I’m lacking vitamin A, so my eyes aren’t too good in dark places.”  Luo Qing Chen quickly covered her burning ears and sat down on a sofa beside her.

“Even if you weren’t lacking in vitamin A, there wasn’t anything to see just now.”  Gong Yu Bai poured a glass of water and sat down across from her as he asked, “Director James told me yesterday that if you starred in “Steel Robot”, he would give you an eight figure salary.”

“Eight……Eight figures?”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t come back to her senses.  An eight figure salary would be enough even for a first class actress.

Moreover, it was a foreign blockbuster.

“Un humph?  Are you moved?”  Gong Yu Bai narrowed his eyes to look at her, “Before you meet director Li, there’s still a chance to choose.”

When he sent her off last night, he strangely felt a bit restless.

He sent an email to James in the middle of the night and it was an urgent message.

James quickly replied, saying that not only could he increase the salary, he could even raise the importance of the female lead role.

Although Luo Qing Chen’s baby face was indeed suited for a youth series, he was still very unwilling.

This unwilling feeling that made his heart resist!

He never thought that someone like him be this troubled about a girl.

“But didn’t you agree to let me star in “You Are More Shocking Than Time”?”  Luo Qing Chen put her cheek on her right hand, “I am very dedicated!  Moreover, I also talked to big brother Shi Liang on WeChat yesterday to say that I was looking forward to working together!”

Un!  She had indeed sent a message to Ye Shi Liang yesterday, but it was only to greet him. There was no nonsense about working together!

“Ye Shi Liang?”  Gong Yu Bai gave a cold snort, “You move quite fast!”

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