Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 25.1: The feeling of having a wife is so nice!

Chapter 25 Part 1

After Ziying was pulled into the palace by the First Emperor, the lofty bronze gate slowly closed.

Everyone from the Xuanxue world still held onto their magic weapons, not daring to relax. Until the majestic and grand palace thoroughly disappeared into the air, only then did they relax. For a moment, the voices of discussion sounded from all around. Pei Yu also put down his weapon. While taking large breaths, he said, “It’s going to end like this? Qin San Shi has returned to the Mausoleum, and the Mausoleum is once again buried underground. Afterwards, there’s nothing that has to do with us, right?”

“Just now, that thing……really is Qin Shi Huang?”

“Holy crap! Qin Shi Huang is alive! Alive!”

“This old man is not at ease. What if Qin Shi Huang walks out of the palace and wants to destroy the Xuanxue world? What should we do?”

Once these words fell, there was a blanket silence in the wilderness.

Pei Yu quietly muttered, “That Qin Shi Huang didn’t even come out of the palace gates and is already that frightening. Even lighting struck at him. If he really does come out……what else can be done besides waiting for death?”

Xi Jia listened to Pei Yu’s words. Pondering for a moment, he actually thought these words were quite reasonable. After Pei Yu said this, everyone in the Xuanxue world were silent for a while before all agreeing.

Qishan-daoren, “We will all be dead anyways, might as well not care. Come come come, the matter with the Mausoleum is finally settled. This old man can go back to sleep and take a hot shower?”

“The itch in this poor daoist’s hand is unbearable. Which fellow daoists wants to team up with this poor daoist?”

“Amitabha. Instead of killing, why not pilfer some energies, plant trees, and water the flowers. This fellow daoist, do you have energy today?”

Xi Jia, “……”

If you say you don’t care, then you really just don’t care. Are you even a man?!!!

The unreliable Xuanxue Celestial masters took up the majority, but anyhow, there were a few reliable ones. After Ziying returned to the Mausoleum, Ye Jingzhi, Cengxiu-zhenjun, and a few others stayed behind and held a meeting.

Cengxiu-zhenjun said sternly, “Fellow daoists, did you see just now that Qin Shi Huang seems to be unable to leave the Mausoleum?”

A white bearded daoist nodded, “That’s right, this daoist saw it. If that person really is Qin Shi Huang, then when he extended his hand outside of the Mausoleum, large amounts of yin energy had leaked out. It seems like he can’t walk out of that gate.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun nodded, “Qin San Shi called out ‘Father Emperor’ to that person. That black clothed man is certainly the First Emperor without a doubt.”

The unreliable Celestial Masters like Qishan-daoren and Pei Yu viewed these matters like “The sky is collapsing, laozi can’t block it anyways, might as well go play first.” Cengxiu-zhenjun and the others needed to carefully consider the Xuanxue world’s future, to think over the changes of the Mausoleum, and if it would bring disaster to the world.

Xi Jia didn’t really listen to them talk. They would say some enchantment in one moment and then say some magic technique in another, to the point he was puzzled. Xi Jia opened his right hand and looked at his palm. It was smooth, and there was nothing different.

Was there really nothing wrong?

When he shook hands with Ziying, Xi Jia clearly felt the palm of his hand burn, as if it was branded by something. But carefully looking at it now, the skin was flat and smooth. It had already returned to its original temperature. No matter how he looked, it didn’t seem like there’s a problem.

The Xuanxue world’s meeting gradually came to an end. Cengxiu-zhenjun made the final decision, “From now on, every three months, we will assign several fellow daoists to come to the Mausoleum to strengthen the barrier and simultaneously monitor the things that happen here. Fellow daoists, what do you think?”

Everyone approved in succession.

Xi Jia looked down at his palm. After rubbing it for a while, he helplessly put his hand down. However, right when he just moved his line of sight away, his palm suddenly became incomparably hot. Xi Jia looked down again in astonishment. In the palm of his hand, he saw a red character in seal script faintly appear.

Xi Jia looked at his palm in shock. Ye Jingzhi simply didn’t really listen to Cengxiu-zhenjun’s words. During the meeting, he was absent-minded and kept on stealing glances at Xi Jia. As soon as something happened to Xi Jia, Ye Jingzhi’s eyes trembled and immediately grabbed his hand.

A small red character in seal script flickered in Xi Jia’s palm. Ye Jingzhi raised his head and asked, “Senior Cengxiu, do you recognize this word?”

Cengxiu-zhenjun looked down, “Ying! This is the ancestral name of Daqin’s royal family, the character for Ying!”

Everyone turned their heads to look here.

Xi Jia gradually felt that the temperature of his palm was no longer so hot and became a little more comfortable. However, the red “Ying” character was still imprinted on his palm.

Cengxiu-zhenjun and the others quickly gathered around. Ye Jingzhi tightly grasped Xi Jia’s hand and refused to let go. However, he had already taken out Wu Xiang Qing Li in the other hand, and he seriously asked Jiqin-zhenren, “Why is this character on his palm? Will it harm him?”

The small bronze die was being pinched tightly by its master. Ye Jingzhi’s action of holding Xi Jia was very gentle, but the hand holding Wu Xiang Qing Li was a death grip. It seemed that as long as Jiqin-zhenren said the word “dangerous,” then he could immediately rush underground and break into the Mausoleum.

Jiqin-zhenren was the Celestial Master present with the highest understanding towards the Qin Dynasty. He carefully examined Xi Jia’s hand. After looking for a long time, he recited a spell and tapped on the “Ying” character with his finger. From start to finish, this character had no reaction, only calmly shining and emitting heat.

An old fellow wearing a thick cotton-padded jacket1 pushed aside the crowd and strode in, “What are you doing finding an old chap like Jiqin for this kind of thing, let this old man do it!”

Ye Jingzhi’s eyes shined, “Senior Chequ.”

The old fellow, known as “Chequ,” had lost half of his hair on his head, wore a red cotton-padded jacket, and walked up to Xi Jia unperturbed. He waved his hand at Ye Jingzhi. He acted mysteriously and pressed his fingers against Xi Jia’s wrist. He also recited several incantations, and looked at the red “Ying” word for quite a while. At last, he sighed, “This young daoist, have you not been sleeping well recently?”

Xi Jia was stunned: You can even tell from this?

Chequ rubbed his bare chin and said, “You youngsters simply don’t work and rest regularly, depending on your youthfulness, and staying up late everyday. This old man has no medicine to cure your illness. Only seven words: Sleep early, rise early, for good heath!”

Everyone understood these words, but doing it was very difficult. Xi Jia nodded his head as if he was listening.

Chequ turned around in response, planning on leaving. Ye Jingzhi immediately asked, “Senior, this character?”

Chequ slapped his head, “Aiyo, oh my god, forgot the proper business. This old man carefully examined this young daoist’s body. Besides the body being a bit weak and the yin energy is a bit heavy, there’s nothing wrong. There is no evil energy within his body, nor has he been cursed.”

Jiqin-zhenren asked, “Then, what does this ‘Ying’ character mean? This is the national surname of Da Qin.”

Chequ, “This old man can’t handle it. This old man only know that there’s nothing majorly wrong with this young daoist’s body.”

Jiqin-zhenren wrinkled his brows, “This absolutely has something to do with that Qin San Shi. My Dinghai Sect has been involved with the Mausoleum for 300 years and has gathered many secrets of the Qin Dynasty. After we return, we will carefully flip through them, perhaps we can find something strange.”

The appearance of the character on Xi Jia’s palm was too coincidental. It appeared right after Ziying returned to the Mausoleum. Moreover, it was the character for “Ying,” making the masters of the Xuanxue world incessantly nervous. They had just finished the meeting, but because of this character, they continued the meeting.

This time, Ye Jingzhi directly didn’t participate in the meeting. He stood to the side, reciting incantations and casting spells at the character on Xi Jia’s palm. But no matter what he did, the character firmly stayed there.

The black clothed Celestial Master had been hanging his head low and endlessly trying all kinds of methods. When Xi Jia lowered his head, he could see Ye Jingzhi’s focused and serious gaze. He carefully took his hand and used magic treasures and spells again and again, wanting to remove this character.

In the wilderness, the masters of the Xuanxue world were loudly holding a meeting. On the side, Xi Jia lowered his head, watching Ye Jingzhi. Ye Jingzhi held his hand.

A breeze blew past, brushing Ye Jingzhi’s hair and revealing a pair of deep eyes.

Xi Jia softly called out, “Master Ye.”

Ye Jingzhi raised his head and his eyes were clear. The small black mole in his right eye was calmly hidden in the depths as he looked at Xi Jia seriously.

Xi Jia said, “This is something that Ziying left for me. I think……he probably won’t hurt me. If he really wanted to hurt me, he would’ve done it long ago. There were many chances he was in contact with me alone, but he never took the initiative to attack me. You don’t need to mind too much about this. You can think it over with the other masters. Why did Ziying leave this thing to me, and what is his intention? Maybe that is more important.” There’s no need to always care about the problems of him alone, and you could go and care about the major events of the entire Xuanxue world.

Wife once again said: You don’t have to care about me.

Ye Jingzhi slightly parted his lips but lightly closed them again. He was holding Xi Jia’s hand and felt somewhat disappointed in his heart. But when he raised his head and saw this young man’s warm smile, that bit of faint sense of loss suddenly dissipated, and a warm sensation surged in his heart.

A few weeks ago, he still hadn’t known that this person was his fiancée. In order to recite incantations for him, he stayed at the other’s home.

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Mirror: *rubs wife’s palm furiously* Must. Clean. It!!!

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1 棉袄 Cotton-padded jacket:

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