Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 25.3: The feeling of having a wife is so nice!

Chapter 25 Part 3

Seeing so many masters already folding up their sleeves and really planning on going all out to go underground and beat up Qin Shi Huang, Ye Jingzhi bluntly said the main point, “First of all, we can’t go into the Mausoleum. Second, with Qin Shi Huang’s strength, Ling Xiao also prohibits him from leaving the Mausoleum, and he shouldn’t be able to come out as he pleases. Lastly, his strength is too strong, we are no match.”

Master Ye was one hundred percent honest. If he said he couldn’t beat them, then he couldn’t beat them. He also never flaunted his might.

Every master became spiritless again. Xi Jia said, “Hold on, Ziying said that the First Emperor doesn’t look like he can leave the Mausoleum because in those years, Xu Fu used a secret technique in the Mausoleum so the First Emperor can greatly increase his strength these two thousand years. The First Emperor had originally killed countless people, and his evil energy skyrocketed. The strength he possessed when he just passed away was astonishing. After staying in the Mausoleum for two thousand years, his strength has increased to a frightening extent. Ziying believes that the First Emperor won’t come out within a hundred years.”

The masters each laid down their weapons.

“A hundred years? This old man would be dead. Whatever, whatever, don’t care anymore.”

“Why should this poor daoist care about something a hundred years later? Let the younger generation take care of it!”

Xi Jia already no longer wanted to roast this unreliable Xuanxue world. Lastly, he conveyed a message for Ziying, “Ziying will persuade the First Emperor so he doesn’t make a big fuss again. He said that although there’s a lot of places that aren’t good in this world, but kings, marquises, generals, and prime ministers are made, not born. The things that Da Qin couldn’t do, this world is able to. No matter what happens in the future, he will definitely try his best to dissuade the First Emperor into giving up his opinion of reestablishing Da Qin.”

The masters of the Xuanxue world often appeared to be unreliable, but for this matter, they attached great importance to it. Ultimately, still according to Cengxiu-zhenjun’s proposal, the Xuanxue world would assign Celestial Masters every year to the Mausoleum in order strengthen the barrier and monitor at the same time.

Ziying truly wouldn’t harm Xi Jia. The red “Ying” character on his palm had become their medium for communication.

After helping Ziying pass on the last message, Xi Jia looked over the desolate and spacious wilderness, recalling the enormous palace that was floating here half an hour ago. He looked at the place where Ziying last disappeared. After a long time, he couldn’t help but ask from the bottom of his heart, “Ziying……Did the First Emperor forgive you?”

In his mind, there was no reply for a very long time.

A long time later, Ziying’s warm and gentle voice sounded, “Father Emperor only brought me inside. After the gate closed, he ignored me. However, I can enter the fourth level of the Mausoleum now. Father Emperor didn’t talk to me, but I think he does not hate me. I was wrong before, and Father Emperor would never place the blame onto someone else. He once said before that the strong can overtake the heavens and change fate. If something uncontrollable happened, then he was not strong enough. As long as you are strong enough, you can control fate, control everything.”

Xi Jia didn’t understand, “Then, did he prevent you from reincarnating?”

Ziying smiled as he said, “Perhaps what had prevented me was not Father Emperor but rather the Mausoleum. This tomb was jointly built by Xu Fu and Li Si. The State Preceptors’ magic powers were profound, using the power of the entire nation to construct this tomb. Among these, there were many unfathomable places that I still do not even know about. It is hard for me to enter, but since I have gone out once, maybe I still have another chance to go out.”

The two of them talked for while again. Ziying chatted, “Father Emperor hadn’t taken note of you earlier. However, since Father Emperor said that he wants to reestablish Da Qin, he should know that Huhai had killed Fusu, and Da Qin had already perished in my hands. Therefore……Xi Jia, you should come here less often in the future for your own good.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Who would want to look like Huhai, ah!!!

After settling the matter of the Mausoleum, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi returned to the hotel together. It was already 5 o’clock in the morning when they arrived at the hotel. Xi Jia gave Vice Director Li a call to request for a leave, planning on resting at the hotel for a day and not film.

Within Chang’an City right now, not to mention malicious ghosts, even a single wandering ghost was very hard to find.

March had passed amidst a period of turmoil and chaos. The Modou Rankings for March was also announced at midnight today.

In the last half of the month, Master Ye found his wife, and completely slacked off. However, he had killed so many ghosts during the first half of the month and remained up high in first place, becoming the brightest star in the sky and throwing the second place, Nan Yi, off a few streets over.

Even further, the first ten places didn’t have much change. Pei Yu surpassed the Jiang siblings by one malicious ghost, preserving his place as Modou Ranking’s seventh place.

Near midnight the next day, multitudes of Celestial Masters delightfully took out their phones, impatiently waiting for “Ghosts Know” to update.

At last, “Ghosts Know” didn’t report about the Mausoleum in real time again. After it struck midnight, four articles uniformly appeared on the official account’s page.

Xi Jia was washing his face at that time. After returning to the bedroom, he picked up his phone, arbitrarily tapped open the WeChat official account, and then, “……”

Is there anyone who makes such fabricated clickbaits like you guys?!!!

Of the four articles from “Ghosts Know” for today, there were three related to the incident at the Mausoleum this time. There was also a data article that announced the results of the Modou Rankings and Magic Weapon Rankings for March.

The lead story that was placed on the front page was titled——

《 The Love Affairs of Those Years in the Great Qin Dynasty: First Emperor, your most beloved is Fusu, Huhai, or Ziying? 》

This is completely bull!

Xi Jia tapped open the article to take a look. It actually even used a novel writing style and wrote a 10,000 word short story. It was not one word more, not one word less, and exactly 10,000 words.

The story started off explaining that this story’s historical adviser was Dinghai Sect’s Jiqin-zhenren, that the content of this work was entirely fictional, and any resemblance was purely coincidental. The author was only in charge of portraying the story that was most likely to happen, and was not responsible for what was true or false in the story.

This story was mainly about Qin Shi Huang educating his sons daily.

The author was quite fair, and put in the First Emperor’s favoritism towards Fusu and vividly described spoiling Huhai. Only when Ziying was written, the author wrote that Ziying wasn’t able to eat until he was full, dressed poorly, didn’t look as good as Huhai, not as capable as Fusu, and was just like a wall in the background. This work attracted a large group of mother type fans for Ziying, giving Ziying support below the article.

Xi Jia completely didn’t think that Ziying was as miserable as what the article had described. Even if Qin Shi Huang didn’t place much importance to Ziying, Ziying was still a true prince and imperial descendant. The First Emperor couldn’t raise one son? Quickly wake up, Ziying was not malnourished or emaciated!

After Xi Jia finished reading the article, he got angry because this author exposed the matter of the First Emperor wanting to charge out of the tomb. This matter was nothing. Anyways, the seniors of the Xuanxue world would make it public sooner or later. However, the author wrote it like this——

【 “Our Da Qin never perished.”

“Wait for Us to leave the tomb, move four mountains and set them into the five oceans! Underneath the Great Wall, search for Our Fusu to return!”

In the corner, Ziying silently held his head down.

In Father Emperor’s eyes, there’s only Fusu, never him. 】

Xi Jia, “……”

There’s something wrong, ah!

He and Ziying were in contact with each other for this long, and Ziying clearly bragged about Qin Shi Huang. Each time they talked about Qin Shi Huang, he talked non-stop in reverence. Just who was this resentful Ziying!? When they were chatting yesterday, Ziying even boasted about Fusu to him. Said how Fusu was wise, farsighted, kind-hearted, broadminded, and fully inherited the First Emperor’s strong points. With all that’s said, he also revered Fusu in a variety of ways.

This kind of dog blood article, Xi Jia glanced at it once before closing. This headline was utterly ridiculous. Fortunately, Qin Shi Huang was currently in a deep sleep. Besides, he didn’t have a cell phone and couldn’t see such groundless nonsense of yours. If this were to be seen by Qin Shi Huang, the old man might truly get angry and immediately crawl out of his tomb, exterminate “Ghosts Know,” and wipe out the entire Xuanxue world.

Right as he was thinking, he suddenly heard Ziying’s voice.

“Xi Jia, I want to understand the information of this world of yours. Do you have any methods that can let me get familiar with this country?”

Xi Jia’s phone screen showed that article. Once he heard Ziying’s voice, he was startled, causing his hand to shake. The phone nearly fell to the floor.

After chatting for a while, Xi Jia decided to send some books over to Ziying. There’s no need to send anything else, first send primary school textbooks. From Grade 1 to Grade 6, all the language and math would be sent, plus a set of free after-school exercises. You’re welcome.

After chatting this time, Ziying said, “I always come to you suddenly, that is too lacking in manners. If it is convenient for you, you can find that Celestial Master who is often with you, ask him for help, and seal away the thought transmission I gave you. Later, if I want to find you, I will not be able to directly talk to you again in order to avoid troubling you.”

The moment Xi Jia said this to Ye Jingzhi, he immediately sealed it with an enchantment onto his hand. Afterwards, if Ziying wanted to talk to Xi Jia, the red word on Xi Jia’s palm would shine and heat up. Once Xi Jia drew a circle on the red “Ying” character, Ziying could then communicate with him.

In the evening, Xi Jia dragged a suitcase full of primary school textbooks and arrived at the Mausoleum with Ye Jingzhi.

The things were dragged over, but he didn’t know how he should send them into the Mausoleum. Even Ziying couldn’t go back inside this Mausoleum himself. No one from the Xuanxue world could enter either, not to mention Xi Jia.

As if sensing Xi Jia’s distress, Ye Jingzhi silently took the suitcase from his hands and softly set it on the ground. Xi Jia looked at him in surprise. Ye Jingzhi raised his index finger to his lips and softly recited a spell. Then, he tapped on the suitcase, and all of a sudden, a golden flame lit up for no reason. Not long after, the suitcase was covered in a crackling fire. Within the golden flames, it was burnt into black ash.

Xi Jia was stunned, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi patiently explained, “He is a ghost. The things need to be burned so he can hold it.”

Xi Jia nodded his head in understanding.

The two of them headed back to the hotel together again. They had only walked halfway when Xi Jia suddenly thought of something, “Wait a minute, Master Ye, you burned the suitcase together. Then when Ziying receives the stuff, would it be the same as it was originally, or would the things be scattered? I mean, does he receive the books or the suitcase?”

Ye Jingzhi replied, “It would be the same as when it was burned.”

Xi Jia, “……So, what Ziying got is a suitcase with the books inside?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded.

Xi Jia, “……” After a moment, he faintly said, “Master Ye, does Ziying really know how to open the zipper, to open the trunk……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia quickly used the “Ying” character to communicate with Ziying. Anyhow, he managed to stop Ziying before he tried to split open the suitcase with his palm, and taught him how to open the suitcase.

Since this had happened, Ye Jingzhi was silent the entire way back. Like a child who did something wrong, he hung his head low without uttering a word, blaming himself. After arriving at the hotel, Xi Jia finally discovered Master Ye’s peculiarness. He felt weird at first, but slowly, he understood Master Ye’s awkward behavior.

On the way back to the room, Xi Jia secretly looked at Ye Jingzhi. The corners of his lips couldn’t help but curve up.

Master Ye like this was extremely interesting. Not as depressed as usual and seemed to be a lot more lively.

Walking up to the door to the room and seeing Ye Jingzhi still sad and gloomy appearance, Xi Jia couldn’t help but tug his sleeve. Ye Jingzhi turned to look over. Xi Jia then felt he was a bit too rude so he let go of Ye Jingzhi’s sleeve. Facing this man’s gloomy look, he slightly raised his lips into a small smile and said, “Thank you, Master Ye. Good night.”

Ye Jingzhi slowly widened his eyes, looking at the black haired young man before him in a daze.

After a long time, his voice hoarsely called out those two precious words, “G-good night.”

The door to the room closed. Xi Jia started to wash his face and brush his teeth to prepare for sleep. Tomorrow, he had to rise early to film. Of course he didn’t know that once he had finished saying those words, the Hell King Ye who caused fear in the Xuanxue world suddenly blushed, took large steps to the room next door, opened the door, and entered. Once he went in, Hell King Ye’s reddened face was burning hot. He raised both hands to cover his face, hiding his bashful expression.

Master, the feeling of having a wife is the same as what you said……so nice.

Yi Lingzi, who was rolling in his grave and wished he had cultivated a love saint disciple, sprayed a mouthful of old blood: You traitor! This old man doesn’t have a disciple like you!!!

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: Wife, my wife ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄.
Yi Lingzi: This old man is angry to the point of almost reviving!

Translator’s Notes: I think none. But if there’s something that warrants for a note, please comment below~ You mom fans were called out :DDDD Also, if I knew how to make gifs, I would make one of Qin Shi Huang table flip throwing the mountains into the ocean lolll

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