Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2501: God! Mary Sue world (Part 43)

Now it was sister Mi beside her who was venting her rage, “Too much!”

“It’s not worth getting angry with her.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes that had a faint sparkle in them, “To make her very angry is what we should do.”

Instead of Gu Fan Fan, she wanted to deal with Ye Su right now.

Other than Jin Yi Xuan, the other main reason the previous host walked that dead end was because of Ye Su.

She knew that in a Mary Sue plot, there would be a righteous person defending the Mary Sue.

She would stand at a moral high ground and use a ‘righteous’ method to deal with girls like Luo Qing Chen.

Right!  In her eyes, people like Luo Qing Chen were “evil supporting female leads”!

“Right, right, right!”  Sister Mi seemed to have thought of something as she turned to look at Luo Qing Chen, “Let’s go to the VIP audition room later.  There will be many people that want a role in “Time”, so this definitely is a golden opportunity for us!”

Director Li Yuan was well known in the industry.  Not a single one of the dramas and films that he chose to make wasn’t popular.

Even those that played supporting roles in his films were all now first and second class stars.

For most new stars, this was a chance that they couldn’t beg for.

“Supporting role?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a soft snort before revealing a faint smile, “Some people say that I have no ambition, but when faced with certain choices, I can’t be without ambition.”

She suddenly thought of Gong Yu Bai and felt a strange and warm feeling.

It was as if he had paved the path for her future, including beating down the villains.

Gu Fan Fan, ah Gu Fan Fan, you have to see who the male lead is before counterattacking.

If the male lead was Jin Yi Xuan, you could indeed rise to the top.

But if it’s Gong Yu Bai……

You have to ask god Yu is he agrees.

“You……It can’t be that you want the female lead role of “Time”, right?”  Sister Mi looked at her with a slightly surprised look, “Qing!  It’s not that I doubt your abilities, but director Li Yuan really is an unpredictable person.”

“He’s so strange?”

Luo Qing Chen thought about it after hearing this.  Since he was this strange, Gong Yu Bai promising her the female lead role meant that his identity should be very powerful.

“Isn’t he!”  Sister Mi looked at her and honestly said, “We should start with the supporting roles and slowly progress.”

Luo Qing Chen just answered with a chuckle.

When they arrived at the office, the floor was already filled with people.

Everyone was talking about how Li Yuan would be personally coming to Star Group to find supporting roles for “You Are More Shocking Than Time”.

Everyone wanted to take this opportunity to get to know director Li, not to mention that the male lead was also appearing.

Although he wasn’t an acting emperor, he was still a popular little star, Ye Shi Liang.

Ye Shi Liang didn’t have any scandals and his acting was quite good.

In the previous film that director Li Yuan made, he had only played a supporting role.

Director Li Yuan admired him and this time he gave up countless popular stars to choose him as the male lead.

The previous host and Ye Shi Liang were acquainted.  They had seen each other at award shows a few times and he had quite the good temper.

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