Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2507: God! Mary Sue world (Part 49)

“Isn’t this director Li’s male lead?”  Ye Su was the first to come forward and say with a smile, “This is your first time at Star Group, right!  Illusion and Star keep fighting over the years, but this time it’s an opportunity to cooperate.”

“Manager Ye, I’ve long heard your name.”  Ye Shi Liang’s agent blocked her with a polite smile, “We have to talk to director Li first, so if you’ll excuse us.”

“Oh, oh.”  Ye Su looked a bit awkward, but she quickly recovered her smile to say, “Take care of your business first, take care of your business first.”

When Ye Shi Liang and his agent entered the audition room, Ye Su’s expression changed and she muttered, “What are you trying to play?  If Ye Shi Liang wasn’t in “Time”, how could that agent compare to me?”

“Sister Ye Su is the best.”  Qiu Kai praised her, “How could she compare to you!”

“Naturally she can’t compare to me, but he is the male lead in director Li’s new drama, so his worth has more than doubled.”  Ye Su gave a cold snort.  Although she was very unhappy, she couldn’t say anything.

Sister Mi standing beside Luo Qing Chen said in a low voice, “There aren’t many people who can control Ye Su’s temper in this business, but she is one of them.”


“She is Ye Shi Liang’s wise manager.”  Sister Mi slightly knitted her brows, “She acts how she wants and has offended quite a few people.”

Luo Qing Chen nodded when she heard this, but she said nothing else.  It wasn’t good to talk too much about others.

After a while, the door to the audition room opened.  Director Li Yuan’s assistant said to everyone, “Come in!  Director Li is a very casual person, so everyone can act casually.”

Everyone swarmed into the audition room.

Since coming to this world, it was her first time seeing Li Yuan.  He was a middle aged man wearing a chinese style robe.

He seemed like a gentleman with a very special aura.

“For the sake of fairness, come into the room one by one and alone.”  The director pointed at the room behind him and said, “I have a list of all the registered artists and those whose names are called can follow me.”

Ye Shi Liang saw on a chair on the side, looking at Luo Qing Chen with a smile.

Actually, he already knew that the female lead of “Time” was Luo Qing Chen, but he didn’t tell anyone.

The two of them had entered the industry at the same time and their relationship wasn’t bad.  He looked forward to this collaboration very much and since Luo Qing Chen had kept a secret from him first, he would naturally keep his mouth shut.

The first ones to go in were the newcomers which included Gu Fan Fan.

Jin Yi Xuan had arrived late, but he stood by Gu Fan Fan’s side as soon as he arrived.  Even Luo Qing Chen who was five to six people away could see them ‘whispering to each other’.

This was just making it too obvious!

Gu Fan Fan even reminded Jin Yi Xuan to keep his voice down in the end, but Jin Yi Xuan wasn’t convinced as he looked at Luo Qing Chen from time to time.

His bad mood hadn’t disappeared over the past few days, it actually got worse and worse.

He also received a call from his parents in the morning that the Luo Family had cancelled their engagement.

He thought that Luo Qing Chen was just trying to play hard to get, but this sudden fact had slapped him in the face.

She wasn’t playing hard to get, she was breaking up with him!

Why?  She always had a good temper towards him in the past, so why did Luo Qing Chen’s personality suddenly change?

He could only think of a single reason, she fell in love with someone else!

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