Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2514: God! Mary Sue world (Part 56)

Everyone suddenly turned their attention to Ye Shi Liang, which let Ye Su’s group let out a sigh of relief.

Gu Fan Fan’s expression became much better.  As expected, when she was in trouble, she felt that she would always be lucky.

It was as if she drank a luck potion and it was glowing over her.

Jin Yi Xuan standing beside her slightly knitted his brows as he revealed a deep look.

Gu Fan Fan let out a long sigh of relief before pulling at his sleeve to ask, “Did something happen?”

“I don’t know.”  Jin Yi Xuan shook his head, “But it doesn’t feel like a good thing.”

How could it be a good thing?  Ye Shi Liang “doing drugs” with his foreign friends had just been anonymously exposed.

In the entertainment industry, there wasn’t anything that could be kept secret.

Only Ye Shi Liang could be blamed which made him panic.

He didn’t know why.  Was it because of Luo Qing Chen?

Perhaps or perhaps not.  In short, he felt that his vanity couldn’t be satisfied this time.

At the same time, Luo Qing Chen took sister Mi’s phone as she looked at the news with knitted brows.

There were a total of ten pictures and it was in a certain bar.  The people who passed by all had blonde hair and blue eyes, so one could tell that it was a foreign bar.

Each picture had a focal point and that focal point was Ye Shi Liang.

These ten pictures weren’t clear.  Although it was blurry, this person should be Ye Shi Liang.

The entertainment industry was like this.  Once a photo was released, after the process, it would have a great effect on a person.

This should be Ye Shi Liang being targeted by someone.  Right now the supporting roles of “Time” were being chosen and they were about to start filming.

For this news to come out at this time, whether Ye Shi Liang ‘did drugs’ with these foreign friends or not, he couldn’t wash it clean in the short run even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

Not only that, if he didn’t take care of his PR properly, this negative news could hit him like a flood.

In order to get sales, entertainment magazines would often exaggerate and slander.

“It’s not like this!”  Ye Shi Liang was a bit panicked.  He blurted this out immediately as soon as he saw the picture on his agent’s phone.

But if one carefully thought about it, it was normal for him to panic like this.

After all, Ye Shi Liang could be considered a newcomer and after so many years of struggling, he had become a popular new star.  When the filming of this popular drama was about to begin, for this kind of negative news to come out, it was a fatal blow for him.

His agent Lin Jing Jing quickly took his shoulder and shook her head, “Director Li, other than some troublesome things, I think that we have to go back and discuss some PR measures.”

“Un……”  Director Li nodded with knitted brows, “It is like this, but “Time” is about to start filming tomorrow and I’ve already set up the venue and the actors.”

Director Li naturally cherished talents, but he was ‘famous’ in the entertainment industry and didn’t associate with any cases of ‘drug use’.

Lin Jing Jing naturally understood this and as long as this matter was clear, there would still be a chance to act in the director’s projects in the future.

But if they discussed terms with director Li now, it would be more disadvantageous for Ye Shi Liang who had this bad news come out about him.

Lin Jing Jing thought about it before taking a deep breath, “How about director Li choose another male lead?  Shi Liang doesn’t have the blessing to play this role this time.”

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