Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2515: God! Mary Sue world (Part 57)

“Sister Jing Jing……”  Ye Shi Liang bit his lip as an awkward looked appeared on that handsome face.

He wanted to play this role, not just because of the good script and because of how popular director Li was.

Rather……it was to play a couple with Luo Qing Chen!

When he first debuted, he already liked Luo Qing Chen.  He worked hard and got some fame, becoming friends with her at a certain audition.

But the two never had a chance to cooperate.

But this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him.  If he missed this, he wouldn’t have a chance!

“Don’t say anything.”  Lin Jing Jing scolded him in a serious low and angry voice.  Then she turned back to director Li and said, “I hope that director Li will still give our Shi Liang a chance next time.  If director Li still hasn’t found a suitable male lead after this matter has been cleared, I hope that Shi Liang will have the honour of working with you again.”

Lin Jing Jing naturally knew that Ye Shi Liang being able to star in director Li Yuan’s “Time” and as the male lead was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

She didn’t want to give this up, but she also knew that the person in the picture was indeed Ye Shi Liang.

And the foreign friend of Ye Shi Liang was his half sister from a different mother.

This was a family matter and Lin Jing Jing didn’t know everything.  She just knew that Ye Shi Liang had this little sister and she was a half blood.

Because her mother was British.

So the picture was without a doubt real which made this even more tricky.

If the picture was fake, they could send out a PR article and file a defamation lawsuit to take the other party to court, quickly settling this matter.

But if this picture was real, then this matter couldn’t be solved quickly.

For their long term interests, Lin Jing Jing could only give up this opportunity to leave a good impression on Li Yuan.

This would pave the way for future opportunities.

“Good!  It’s an honour!”  Li Yuan nodded before saying with a sigh, “This matter really is a bit tricky!”

“Yes!”  Lin Jing Jing knitted her brows and said, “Then we will be leaving first to take care of this.  Everyone can keep working.”

“Take care.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine!  I’ve also received this kind of slander before, you just need to clarify it.”

“Yes!  Sister Jing Jing, take care.”


The other colleagues comforted them before sending Ye Shi Liang and Lin Jing Jing off.

Ye Shi Liang had turned to look at Luo Qing Chen when he left.  It was a complicated look that was filled with reluctance.

Jin Yi Xuan had also seen this gaze.

He gave a cold snort before thinking: Ye Shi Liang, ah Ye Shi Liang, you can only blame yourself for being so arrogant.  You dare steal my fiancee, are you satisfied with this ending?

Actually, Jin Yi Xuan knew that he hated Ye Shi Liang because of Luo Qing Chen.  Even if he didn’t want to admit it, it was a fact.

Yes!  He didn’t like Luo Qing Chen, he just thought that it was a marriage filled with benefits.

He liked romantic fairy tales, he liked the strong Cinderella.

Which was why his heart had been moved when he first saw Gu Fan Fan.

But that didn’t mean that others could take Luo Qing Chen!

In Jin Yi Xuan’s eyes, he wasn’t just an aloof star, he was also a rich young master.

He could throw away things that he hated, but that didn’t mean that things could throw him away!

Humph!  Want to fight him?  Bring your skills!

Taking one down if one came, taking two down if two came!

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