Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2516: God! Mary Sue world (Part 58)

“Director Li, should we screen for the male lead Li Si Han from the shortlist?”  The assistant asked this very serious question in a low voice.

Li Yuan knitted his brows, looking very unhappy.

His male lead was his male lead in his eyes, there were no other choices.

If it was a second choice, then he wasn’t good enough.  Since he wasn’t good enough, then that means that he wasn’t qualified to play Li Si Han.

Jin Yi Xuan standing not far away recognized director Li Yuan’s dilemma and after clearing his throat, he came forward and boldly recommended himself, “I don’t know what kind of outstanding actor the director needs, but I can give it a try.”

To be fair, the moment that Jin Yi Xuan came out, Luo Qing Chen’s stomach felt like hurling.

Are you sure you’re not kidding?  Playing a couple with Jin Yi Xuan!

Damn!  This treasure can’t even eat dinner after seeing his disgusting face, alright?

At the same time, Gu Fan Fan was surprised.  Her face turned pale and she had an indescribable feeling.

Actually, she was already Jin Yi Xuan’s girlfriend, so she naturally knew that Jin Yi Xuan and Luo Qing Chen had been engaged before.

But Jin Yi Xuan told her that this was a marriage forced by his family and he wasn’t willing.

This matter was already over and they had broken up the engagement.

But she was a girl after all and she was inevitably unhappy about the three words ‘Luo Qing Chen’.

At this time, Jin Yi Xuan came out to recommend himself and he wanted to play the male lead role of “Time”, Li Si Han.

Everyone knew that youth films were filled with emotions and there were quite a few kissing scenes.

“You want to play the male lead?”  Li Yuan knitted his brows as he had a questioning tone in his voice.

“If the director allows it, I can try auditioning.”  Jin Yi Xuan was very good at speaking, he even knew how to say things in a way that people couldn’t reject him.

But that this time, Ye Su narrowed her cold eyes as she started adding ‘oil and vinegar’ to the pot.

“Some people really are the nemesis of “Time”!  Just as soon as the female lead is announced, such a large matter happens!”

She didn’t forget to wink at Qiu Kai beside her.

Qiu Kai immediately said, “Right!  I feel that director Li should think more about the choice of female lead since “Time” and “Youth” are on the same stage.  You don’t want this script that has all these stars to be incomparable to “Youth” with our Fan Fan.”

Gu Fan Fan who had just been standing there added, “I won’t make comments.  In short, the heavens have eyes and people are watching.”

“I say, you people, can you not be so sour with your voices?  It’s disgusting.”  Sister Mi couldn’t take the cynical tone of the other side and refuted them.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t reply.  Why did she feel a strange sense of nervousness surrounding her?

Li Yuan was silent after hearing this before taking out his phone to send a text to a certain someone.

It was just a few words, but he immediately got a response from the other side.

(Young master, the ex-fiance of the girl that you care about is here to steal the role of ‘Li Si Han’!  ——Li Yuan)

Perhaps others didn’t know about the relationship between Li Yuan and Gong Yu Bai, but they were not just friends.

Before Li Yuan became a director, he was their family’s butler.

So he didn’t even need to see Luo Qing Chen and he could hand the female lead role to her.

After all, he had never seen their young master speak up for any girl before.

(I know about the Ye Shi Liang matter.  Even without this, I wasn’t planning on letting him play the male lead.  But Jin Yi Xuan, is he worthy?  ——Gong Yu Bai)

(Then……Then you have to find me a male lead!  The female lead is someone you admire, so it’s hard for me to find a male lead!  ——Li Yuan)

(It’s not hard, I’ve already thought of one.  ——Gong Yu Bai)

(Who?  ——Li Yuan)

(Me.  ——Gong Yu Bai)

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