Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2522: God! Mary Sue world (Part 64)

It had to be said that sister Mi did have foresight because her house was surrounded by reporters early next morning.

Gong Yu Bai was a bit worried when he called her, but she proudly said that she was already on set!

At the same time, some people from Star Group had also been casted, including Qiu Kai.

She had been cast as seventh villainess, who only appeared three times in total.

Director Li Yuan believed that her eyes were very suited for the role of a villain.

The start of “Time” didn’t go as smoothly as imagined.  Luo Qing Chen who was the partner of time received many doubtful looks from the public.

As well, the supporting female lead roles thought that a man like god Yu would surely use a replacement for the kissing scene.  They brought out all kinds of tricks for him.

“God Yu, this fake finger is very useful.  This saved me when I was filming before!”

“God Yu, it’s best to hold the other side’s face when faking it.  If you don’t want to touch her, I have a super thin glove for you.”

“God Yu, this is……”


The tenth day of filming “Time”, it was finally time to film the important kissing scene.

The actresses on set were going crazy about how to get Gong Yu Bai to us a replacement, out of fear that he would kiss her!

This feeling really was uncomfortable!

Luo Qing Chen had large sunglasses on as she sat there drinking her watermelon juice.  The female supporting leads were all looking at her with displeased looks in the distance.

“Don’t mind it.”  Director Li could see through everything and sat down to say in an honest voice, “You will have everything that you want.”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised, turning to meet Li Yuan’s deep eyes.

He continued talking to himself, “The young master was doubtful at first too, but he said that there was a dream that had always bothered him.  He let go of the obsessions in his heart and planned on using twenty years to interpret this dream.”

“Young master?”  Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows, “Why did you call him that?”

Li Yuan quickly said, “A slip of the tongue!  I just want to tell you that god Yu’s position today is because of his hard work.  Although he doesn’t care about much, he does care about that movie.”

“Apocalypse 2150?”

“Yes!”  Li Yuan gave a sigh, “I thought that he wouldn’t shoot any other projects, let alone this drama.  Even when he asked about the female lead role, I was only surprised.  I never thought that he would want the male lead role as well.”

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes to look at Gong Yu Bai not far away.  Maybe she really didn’t understand him.

Whether it was his identity or his obsessions.

“Director, the set is ready.”

“Alright!”  Li Yuan gave a nod, “We’ll start filming in five minutes.”

Everyone thought that it would take a long time to film the first kissing scene since Gong Yu Bai had many props to use.

In order to not reveal the kissing scene being faked, they would need to shoot it from many angles and that would take a lot of time.

Director Li Yuan also thought that Gong Yu Bai wouldn’t film the kissing scene.  After all, with his identity and status, it was clearly impossible.

“Scene 57, first take!  Action!”

There was music that started playing and a breeze passed by the trees of the campus, lifting up the clothes of the young men and women, creating that beautiful scene.

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