Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2523: God! Mary Sue world (Part 65)

“So, you like me because my name is the same as hers?”  The young girl slowly looked up with a mist in her eyes.

The young boy didn’t say anything as he just silently stood there.  The petals of the pear blossom tree fell onto the girl’s slightly curled hair, looking so beautiful.

“If you don’t say anything, that means you agree……”  The young girl laughed at herself before looking up, “Let’s end it here then!”

She turned to leave, but the young boy’s right hand pulled her into his embrace.

Without a word, he raised her face and closed his eyes as he sealed her lips with a kiss.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 80%.]

No items, no replacements, nothing at all.

Everyone was stunned, even Luo Qing Chen was stunned.

Gong Yu Bai was going for a real kiss and such a deep kiss?

There was a faint scent of mint that lingered in her nose.  Gong Yu Bai’s strong arms wrapped around her waist, firmly binding her.

“Si!”  The director waved his hand to stop everyone from making sounds after this cold breath.

Without knowing how long passed, the young boy finally let go of the young girl.  He was slightly moved seeing her red face and he revealed a faint smile to say, “I wasn’t certain of my feelings at first, but with a simple turn from you, I believed in love.”

The screenwriter sitting beside director Li Yuan whispered beside his ear, “This……This……It’s different from what Li Si Han says in the script!”

“Stop talking!  This is it!”  Li Yuan was a very devoted person.  The scene in front of him, Gong Yu Bai was Li Si Han and Luo Qing Chen was Mu Chu Xia.

Everything seemed to fit that well.

“Cut!”  After five minutes, the director finally yelled ‘cut’.

Luo Qing Chen was stunned and almost couldn’t come back to her senses.  Her nose was stuffed as she almost broke out in tears.

This immersive feeling really shook one’s heart.

Gong Yu bai could sense that she was in an emotional state, so he patted her head and said with a smile, “Wake up silly girl.”

But no one could tell how much his heart was shaking with how calm he was on the surface.

Luo Qing Chen might not understand that the one who was immersed was actually him.  So much so that he had changed his lines when he spoke.

“Ah!  Sorry……”  Luo Qing Chen awkwardly lowered her head and touched her blushing ears before looking at Gong Yu Bai, “I’m a bit nervous.”

It was a nervousness that came from the depths of her heart that ate away at her sanity, making her fall deeper and deeper into the script.

So the confession and affection appearing at the same time was his sincerity?

When the director yelled ‘cut’, the crowd holding their breath finally let out a sigh of relief.

They started talking in small voices, but they soon unconsciously closed their mouths.

Because Gong Yu Bai’s sharp eyes would fill everyone with a chill.

But these ice cold eyes, Gong Yu Bai had never looked at her with them.

Whether it was the first time or meeting in secret, his eyes had gone from indifference to gentleness, from gentleness to love.

This was Gong Yu Bai, the cold and abstinent male god in everyone’s eyes.

Actually, he could give all the gentleness in his life to the one that he loved.

Just like he had said.

But with a simple turn from you, I believed in love.

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